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'Episode VIII' Filming Kicks Off; What Clues Can We Glean by Parsing the Top of Rey's Script?

By Cindy Davis | Star Wars | February 3, 2016 |

By Cindy Davis | Star Wars | February 3, 2016 |

Disney may have pushed off Episode VIII’s release date a few months, but that doesn’t seem to have affected Rian Johnson’s shooting schedule. As can be gleaned from various cast members’ Twitter accounts, the next entry in the third Star Wars trilogy entry is about to kickoff. Amusingly, C-3P0 has the loosest…lips (do androids dream of electric lipstick?), but Johnson put the kibosh on that right quick.

A Snapchat user caught John Boyega’s training announcement and passed it along.

But, the most intriguing by far is Daisy Ridley’s photo post of flowers and what appears to be the top of Rey’s script…


which if we crop and zoom in on,


***Spoiler Warning for The Force Awakens. Speculation based on TFA events follows. If you haven’t yet seen Episode VII, WTF???Spoilers ****



As we begin this tremendous…

…appreciation for your…”

What else are we to do but try to fill in the blanks? Clearly the completion of these sentences greatly affects Reys’ story; it is imperative we get this just right. Here are a few of the very limited possibilities:

1. “As we begin this tremendous journey back to your roots, along the way discovering Luke Skywalker is your father, and your mother is played by the glorious Hayley Atwell, you may feel overwhelmed with emotion. Try to maintain an appreciation for your great heritage and as you continue with your Jedi training, be sure to drink plenty of water.”

2. “As we begin this tremendous film which I fully expect to outdo J.J.’s amateur effort at the box office, please make an effort to display appreciation for your fellow male cast members, whose egos may be shattered by the introduction of The Greatest Jedi to Ever Exist: You. They have not yet been informed of this development, as we want them to believe — especially Adam Driver — that they are quite important. Confidence will inform their characters both onscreen and off, and it will be all the more surprising if the actors are kept as in the dark as the people they portray. Only your dear Auntie Leia (and Carrie Fisher) knows the power you hold.”

3. “As we begin this tremendous undertaking, I want you to know that I’ve already discussed the merchandising requirements for Episode VIII with the appropriate Disney and Lucasfilm executives. Trust me when I tell you they have an appreciation for what Rey means to moviegoers, and THERE WILL BE AN EXPLOSION OF REY TOYS.

Cindy Davis, (Twitter)