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Rank Your 10 Favorite Star Wars Character Names

By Lord Castleton | Star Wars | March 9, 2018 |

By Lord Castleton | Star Wars | March 9, 2018 |

Baron-papanoida (1).jpg

The Star Wars universe is vast and because of that, you get a wide variety of various naming conventions. So what are your ten favorite Star Wars NAMES?

Just the names, I say.

Are you able to divorce the character from the name? Can you scroll past Leia Organa without feeling a pang of regret? Can you objectively decide that names like R2-D2 or Chewbacca are not in your top ten? Can you dispassionately rate a name like Jar Jar Binks on the merit of its sounds without thinking “meesa”?

It’s hard, I know.

There are some real clunkers in the Star Wars Universe. Sy Snooker, (Jabba’s girlfriend) and Slowen Lo (played by JGL in The Last Jedi) are two of my least favorite. Slowen Lo. Come on.

My All-time Star Wars Favorite Names:

#10: Rinnrivin Di
#9: Luminara Unduli
#8: Wedge Antilles
#7: Ahsoka Tano
#6: Mon Mothma
#5: Asajj Ventress
#4: Ki-Adi-Mundi
#3: Obi-Won Kenobi
#2: Qui-Gon Jinn

and my favorite name?

#1: Shaak Ti

I love that name. Whenever I pick up a play lightsaber to attack my kids I yell “SHAAAAAK TIIIIIII!!!” Does it matter that the death of Shaak Ti was portrayed in three entirely different ways between the movies and video games? (Grievous, Starkiller, Anakin)

No, that doesn’t matter. The Grievous way was traumatic to watch, by the way. It was included in a deleted scenes version of the blu-ray box set and I still get a little emotional watching it. It’s cued up below. Fair warning.

God, I hate that. That’s not a way for a Jedi to die. But it doesn’t diminish the awesomeness of the name.

So now it’s your turn. Choose from the list below and hey — you might learn something while you’re at it. Did you know General Hux’s first name is Armitage? That’s the cooler part of the name if you ask me. Shame it gets clipped for the rank. And the mightiest victor in the Star Wars datalogs is named Sheev? Sheev! Sheev Palpatine. I had no idea. Did you know Thrawn’s full name is Mitth’raw’nuruodo? Did you know that Desh’s real name is Akar-Deshu? Did you see George Lucas as Notluwiski Papanoida in the header photo?

What are your 10 favorite Star Wars names?

Rank them here (Direct Link)

Here’s how to do it:

Give a 10 to your #1 character
a 9 to your #2 character and so on with your 10th favorite scoring a 1.

There’s a scroll bar on the right hand side below.

Let’s see who your favorites are!

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