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Jyn Erso 'Rogue One' Toys Will Actually Exist!

By Riley Silverman | Star Wars | August 31, 2016 |

By Riley Silverman | Star Wars | August 31, 2016 |

I’ve made it no secret how excited I am for Rogue One’s Jyn Erso, whom I referred to during my Pajiba 10 pitch as “dirty Rey.” The badass, pistol-wielding Rebel spy that I’m really hoping to relive some of my Holtzman level lusting over. But okay, so I’m covered.

But won’t someone think of the children?

Turns out they did. This time. Even though Hasbro’s Star Wars team did about as well putting out Rey-oriented merchandise as Greedo did trying to claim the bounty on Han Solo, it seems like maybe, maybe they’ve learned their lesson. In a first look released by Entertainment Weekly, it looks as though a full assortment of Jyn Erso toys is on its way to stores.

A few highlights:

First off, the Funko Pop vinyl figure. This one isn’t too much of a surprise, Funko has always been good about putting out female characters in this collection, theirs was one of the easier Rey toys to track down last fall and winter when the first wave of Force Awakens toys rolled out, still it’s a cool looking design with nice detail on Jyn’s clothing. It’s cool to see a female character decked out how we’re used to seeing Han Solo.


Then there’s the LEGO figure, which is mostly exciting because of its inclusion in this set with the U-Wing ship. Again, not a huge departure from the Force Awakens, as Rey was included in the Millennium Falcon set as well. Here’s a look at the set and at the figure:



Where we get into more exciting territory is the combo set of the Rogue One team. It might seem like the idea of excluding the star of the film from the main set would be too ludicrous to imagine, but it wouldn’t have surprised me:


But what has me the most excited about this collection isn’t one individual toy, but rather the amount of different Jyn figures there are. It’s a full assortment of action figures in various price ranges and aimed at different ages of kids, so everyone who wants their Jyn can have it.