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Yes, How You Dress Does Affect How People Think Of You

By Emily Cutler | Lists | January 8, 2016 |

By Emily Cutler | Lists | January 8, 2016 |

You might have heard about the recent rash of high school girls taking to social media to complain about being sent home for dress code violations. Kristy covered one just this morning. And with all due respect to my friend and fellow writer, I think she might be wrong.

See I firmly believe that how you dress tells the world who you are and how you want to be treated. Part of becoming an adult is learning how to dress professionally, and what is appropriate for different circumstances. You can’t wear flip flops to a job interview, and you can’t wear a ball gown to a ball game. What’s most important for young people is that they understand that if they dress in a way that’s provocative or overtly sexy, people will treat them differently. If they want to be taken seriously, they need to learn to dress in a serious manner. That means being mindful of how alluring their outfits are making them look, and how to tone that down when need be.

But I fully acknowledge that this is not a problem specific to young people. Plenty of adults haven’t learned how to dress to be respected. And unfortunately that includes some of our biggest name celebrities. Below are a few examples of how dressing too provocatively can impact how people view you and in some case lessen their respect for you.

Fassbender suit.jpg
Fuck you, Fassbender. How you expect me to get any work done when you’re distracting me with that suit that’s been rocked to within an inch of its life?

Oscar Isaac t shirt.jpg
A tight white t-shirt, Oscar Isaac? Don’t you know how those sexualize your body?

Michael B Jordan.jpg
Hey, Michael B. Jordan, just because your phyqique has developed more quickly than some of the guys your age, that doesn’t mean you need to wear such form fitting suits. If people really like you, they’ll respect you for your body of work, not your body of muscles.

Ryan Gosling Jean Jacket.jpg
Jesus, Ryan Gosling, have some respect for yourself. A jean jacket? And is that a deep V I spot underneath?

John Cho black t-shirt.jpg
Tight black tees are just as sexualizing as white ones, John Cho. But black tees tell everyone you’re “naughty.”

Idris Elba Suit.jpg
Ugh. Take it home and change, Idris Elba. That jacket doesn’t cover your crotch.

Raza Jeffery Shirt.jpg
Yeah, dressing sexy might get you some attention now, Raza Jaffery. But no one’s ever going to take you seriously as an actor if you keep showing that much skin.

Paul Newman shirt.jpg
Button it up, Paul Newman! You look like a whore.

In short, fuck you, Enforcers of a Clearly Sexist and Bullshit Double Standard Dress Code. Fuck you forever.

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