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The 5 Biggest Guilty-Sad Criminal Deaths on ‘Justified’

By Nadia Chaudhury | Lists | April 9, 2014 |

By Nadia Chaudhury | Lists | April 9, 2014 |

Spoiler! Spoiler! Spoiler!

After spending so much time with the bad boys and girls of Harlan County, you can’t help but fall for them just a little (see: Crowder, Boyd). The Kentucky air just has a way of making bad look very, very good (again, see: Crowder, Boyd, hair). If Boyd ever died, which might very well happen in the next and final season of the show, my heart would break. Here are five Justified baddies whose deaths put the “sad” in “sadistic.”

1. Mags Bennett
The matriarch of a fucked-up family that she did her best to keep together, albeit in all the wrong ways.
How did it happen? She drank her own special “apple pie” moonshine, spiked with a little poison.

2. Arlo Givens
He was an awful human being and father, but I was still hanging onto the hope that Raylan would someday get what he needed from his dad.
How did it happen? Stabbed in prison by a former incarcerated sheriff.

3. Jimmy Tolan
Though originally one of Johnny Crowder’s boys, Jimmy became Boyd’s loyal, right hand, fluent Spanish-speaking lackey. He was, as Boyd put it, “a good man.”
How did it happen? Shot in the head while being held hostage by Mexican gangsters.

4. Rodney “Hot Rod” Dunham
After all the marijuana deals and backstabbing, it turned out he was a DEA informant.
How did it happen? While being held hostage by another one of Johnny Crowder’s boys (who used to be one of his boys), Dunham tried stabbing him with a pencil, but instead got fatally shot.

5. Elias Marcos
Because Wash.
How did it happen? Killed by Raylan during a warehouse shootout where a bedridden Theo Tonin was hiding.

Nadia Chaudhury still wants to drink Mag’s apple pie moonshine.