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Piss Your Pants In Fear: The 10 Scariest Horror Scenes In Bathrooms

By Jodi Smith | Lists | October 5, 2015 |

By Jodi Smith | Lists | October 5, 2015 |

Bathrooms are creepy. You sit on a seat with a hole in it and drop off your empties into a shared pool of water that then gets sent into a larger body of water for…straining. You’ve got the cat shoving paws under the door, the fan screaming like an old man with an electrolarynx, and the uneasy feeling that only comes when the toilet seat is pre-warmed. Don’t get me started on the possibility of someone hiding in the tub, shower curtain keeping them hidden from sight.

All of this is before you throw in the memory of one of these bathroom scenes. Goddamn horror movies. It’s almost like they want to scare you shitless.

1. Final Destination - The untimely, yet perfectly orchestrated, demise of Tod.

2. IT - Pennywise cleans the sink drain. WITH THE SOULS OF CHILDREN.

3. Psycho - The great grandmother of bathroom horror scenes.

4. Cabin Fever - When exposed to flesh-eating diseases, all ladies want to take a hot bath and make sure their legs are hairless. (Skip to 2:01)

5. The Fly - Jeff Goldblum can’t stop picking at his scabs during his brundlefly transformation. I couldn’t find any video, so please enjoy this still of his fingernail falling off while I try to erase the fly vomit scenes from memory.

6. Nightmare on Elm Street - No crotch is safe when you sleep in the tub.

7. The Shining - The 70s bush isn’t the scariest thing in this NSFW scene, kids.

8. Evil Dead - Just all of the things happen in this bathroom. All of the gross, bloody, nasty things. Cutting.

9. Blistering.

10. Saw - Again, this bathroom got a lot of play in this flick. Just seeing people trapped like that is pretty terrifying. Hearing that one has to kill the other if he wishes to see his family again is also pretty bad. But this? Ugh.