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Five Soundtracks That Aged Better Than The Movie

By Jodi Smith | Lists | January 2, 2019 |

By Jodi Smith | Lists | January 2, 2019 |


Spawn - 1997

This movie started the conversation and idea for this post.

TK stated that Spawn was a sucky character and giving him another movie — especially a joyless one — was stupid. I replied that we should only thank Spawn for the ridiculously amazing soundtrack AND HERE WE ARE.

The soundtrack took rock bands/artists and paired them with electronica artists to create some collaborations so fantastic that we shall never see their like again. Which genius paired Marilyn Manson with Sneaker Pimps, because I want to personally thank them for “Long Hard Road Out of Hell.” Tom Morello and The Prodigy? Filter and The Crystal Method? YES AND THANK YOU, MAY I HAVE SOME MORE?

Actually, yes you can.

Varsity Blues - 1999

I don’t want your life and I don’t want to watch this movie for anything other than nostalgia. Maybe on a dare. It isn’t good. The soundtrack, however? It’s a non-stop ’90s banger, kids.

You probably don’t remember the band Loudmouth or Sprung Monkey, but you certainly know Green Day’s “Nice Guys Finish Last” and “My Hero” by Foo Fighters. Collective Soul, Van Halen, Third Eye Blind, Days of the New, and Monster Magnet are also on the soundtrack.

Batman Forever - 1995

Full disclosure: At one time, this was my favorite Batman movie. Why? I haven’t the slightest idea anymore. I did show it to my kid last year and understood just how heinous it really was and remains to this day. That soundtrack though? I re-purchased it on iTunes that very day.

It’s got U2 before they invaded our phones uninvited, gifting us with “Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me.” It was a sneak peek at their 1997 “Pop” album, really.

Obviously, Seal’s “Kiss From A Rose” is on there, but people sometimes forget Brandy’s “Where Are You Now?” was also on the album. Sunny Day Real Estate, The Flaming Lips, PJ Harvey, Method Man, Nick Cave, and The Devlins make Batman Forever’s soundtrack keep working long after the Day-Glo soaked movie stopped doing so for Batfans.

Pump Up the Volume - 1990

This is another movie I loved back in the day that doesn’t hold up so well. I have owned the soundtrack on cassette and CD, making me old and stupid with money. NO RAGRETS.

Concrete Blonde covers Leonard Cohen’s “Everybody Knows” in dark perfection while Henry Rollins and Bad Brains thrash your ass off with “Kick Out the Jams.” Soundgarden, Sonic Youth, Cowboy Junkies, Ivan Neville,and The Pixies in one place? Thank you so much, Happy Harry Hard-on.

Top Gun - 1986

I saw this movie again in the local theater in 2017, I think. It was two hours of being unable to stop myself from seeing Tom Cruise’s middle tooth and thinking about how boring flying in movies can be. The soundtrack gave us some classics, even if Berlin’s “Take My Breath Away” still reminds me of Cruise and Kelly McGillis’ awkward sex scene.

Header Image Source: Warner Bros. Pictures