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'Shameless' Gave Us An Episode Early. Let's Hand Out Some Awards For It

By Emily Cutler | Lists | January 4, 2016 |

By Emily Cutler | Lists | January 4, 2016 |

Wait, you heard, right? That Shameless has given us a late-New Year’s-but-still-earlier-than-expected present? The first episode of season six is available on YouTube, and it doesn’t disappoint.

And while I was planning to do a recap, I remembered you guys don’t care about recaps because you know how to watch TV shows. Also because that doesn’t tell you enough about how I felt about the show. So I feel happy that my favorite show is back on the air. Thrilled that Jeremy Allen White is just getting hotter with age. But mostly I feel optimistic. Probably misguidedly optimistic, but I still believe the Gallaghers can pull through. And imbued with the recent holiday, I think I can safely hand out some awards regarding/ predicting their progress. I think it’s a nice way to ease back into work after the weekend. And let’s get real, the Gallaghers aren’t getting a lot of awards other places.

The “That Is Not How Academia or Teaching Assistants Work In The Real World, And I Give Zero Fucks About The Real World”:
Lip for becoming the male version of Professor Runyon-Robinson.
Lip 1 S6.png

The “How Could You Not See That Coming?” Award:
Debbie for not realizing that a planned “unplanned” pregnancy life doesn’t go the way you think it will when you’re 15.
Debbie S6.jpg

The “How Are You The Only Gallagher I’m Not Annoyed With?” Award:
Frank for being the same reliable piece of shit as always.
Frank S6.jpg

The “How Could You Not See That Coming? Part 2” Award:
Lip for not realizing that an illicit affair with your married professor life doesn’t go the way you think it will when you’re 22.
Lip 2 S6.png

The “Sorry, I Had To Give Your Award Away To Lip Because I Am So Uninterested In Your Story Line” Award:
Ian because Mickey was in almost every way your better half.
Ian S6.jpg
Pictured: The Most Interesting Ian In Last Night’s Episode

The “Why Don’t You Just Open The Vein Right Now Because It Will Be Quicker Than Killing Me With A Broken Heart” Award:
Mickey because 8 years is a long time.
Mickey Gif.gif

The “It’s Nice To See You Back To Form” Award:
Fiona because being separated from her impulse husband seems to be getting her back to the controlled chaos we’re used to.
Fiona S6.jpg

The “I’m Not Sure What’s Going On Here, But I Think I Like It” Award:
Carl because you can kind of understand why he might want to look for a brother from another mother. The brothers from the same mother have some real issues.
Carl S6.png

The “I Wish We’d Had Fewer Hipsters And More Veronica” Award:
Veronica because I wish we’d had fewer hipsters and more Veronica. Did you even get a line this episode?
Veronica S6.png
What is going on indeed, V.

The Overall MVP Award:
Kev. Because Kev always, without fail, makes every episode just a little better. Always.
Kev S6.gif