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Seriously Beastly List: The 7 Best Creature Sidekicks In Movie History

By Jodi Smith | Lists | April 7, 2014 |

By Jodi Smith | Lists | April 7, 2014 |

I’m guessing that Rocket Raccoon will top this list once Guardians of the Galaxy is released, but he’s just sh*t out of luck for now.

Ludo - Labyrinth


Ludo looks frightening, but he’s just a big sweetie! Yes he is! YES HE IS! Ahem. After being saved by Sarah, Ludo commits himself to helping her reach the Goblin King and rescue baby brother Toby. Ludo uses his brute strength and ability to call rocks to arms in order to protect his new friends.

Chewbacca - Star Wars Trilogy


Chewie co-pilots the Millenium Falcon, works on it as a mechanic, fights with the Rebellion, and can rip off a man’s arms and beat him with them. He’s loyal, smart, and probably gives good cuddles when there aren’t any tauntaun innards to keep you warm.

Gizmo - Gremlins


Sure, the entire army of psychotic gremlins in the movie are basically Gizmo’s fault because his species is so damned strange. I guess you have to make due with water for propagating your species when you don’t have genitals.

You have to admit that the little guy is sugary sweet to his new owner Billy, cuddling him and singing that gurgling mogwai song. It’s goddamn adorable, is what that is. Gizmo also helps Billy track down and destroy all of those asshole gremlins running all over town, flashing their Ken doll parts and killing people. All of this without punching Billy in the nads for feeding the evil mogwai after midnight, when really any time is after midnight and the kid should have let them starve to be safe.

Artax - The Neverending Story


Some people would replace Artax with Falkor the luckdragon. Sure, Falkor flew Bastian around and had a goofy voice and those lashes, but he didn’t die in the fucking Swamp of Sadness. Artax carried Atreyu on his arduous journey and then he had to get sucked into the swampy goop made of children’s tears and The Nothing’s Jesus Juice. He was a good horse and he deserved better. I salute you, Artax, and I vow to name my next goldfish after you.

Steve - Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs


Steve the monkey is like a big ball of id covered in hair with a craving for gummi bears. He’s a faithful pal to Flint Lockwood, assisting him in his invention adventures and never turning his back on him. As an added bonus, he throws poop, has an obsession with mustaches, and eats bugs out of Flint’s hair.

M - Warm Bodies


I say that zombies qualify as creatures and that M is one of the best. Even when his best friend, R, challenges the zombo status quo, M doesn’t murder him. When R starts talking real words and mooning over a live girl that he doesn’t want to eat, M is quizzical but doesn’t stop his friend. M even rallies the other zombies to assist R when it becomes clear that something is happening to all of them. Plus M never chomp-blocks his pal by munching on R’s lady friend. That’s a real pal.

Clyde - Every Which Way But Loose


You wouldn’t expect an orangutan won in a bet to be a very good creature sidekick, but you would be incorrect, dumb dumb. Clyde lives with Philo and accompanies him on his long haul trucker job. Clyde is Philo’s confidante, drinking partner, cuddle pal, and mimic. He can drive heavy machinery, kiss enemies, cheer Philo on, and perform tricks. He is the Ultimate Creature Sidekick.