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Joe Manganiello Wrote A Book And 7 Other Handsome Man Details From His reddit AMA

By Jodi Smith | Lists | December 9, 2013 |

By Jodi Smith | Lists | December 9, 2013 |

Joe Manganiello, most notably of True Blood and Magic Mike, took to the reddits a couple of days ago to promote his movie Sabotage, his directorial effort Le Bare, and his book “Evolution”.

1. Is there any more to life than being really, really ridiculously good-looking?

Sure! There’s Orange mocha frappucinos silly.

2. Are you going to be involved in Magic Mike 2? And if so, could you please let them know that we’d like to see you in more scenes, preferably with few (or no) clothes on? Thanks.

I’m not sure how I get less clothes on than I did in Magic Mike? With that said, there’s not a script yet. There’s not a director or a budget. So I’m as anxiously waiting for that as everyone else is but so far there are hopes but nothing more.

3. Did you do any interesting/fun things to prepare for your role in Magic Mike?

Yes. As it turns out, an old friend of mine was a male stripper in the 1990s. So I sat down with him for 2 hours to interview him. At the time, I had never laughed harder than I did for those 2 hours. But I recently shot a documentary about the club that he worked at called La Bare, and I laughed even harder at the footage we got for that.


4. Is your new book ‘Evolution’ geared solely towards guys wanting to be ripped or is there something in there for women like me who are looking for better workouts? Currently I’m doing the Insanity workout and wondering if your book would have much value for me (besides drooling at the pictures of you). I’m not aiming to be heavily muscled, just more defined.

Basically, chapter 6 includes first 6 weeks of workouts I used for my first shirtless scene on True Blood. The rest of the book is about my philosophy, and the psychological aspects of training as well as diet, cardio, and tips for photoshoots. Plenty of women do cross fit which is similar to the type of working out that I do. But the real strength of the book (other than the workouts) is the motivational and inspirational aspects.

5. Curious: How do you balance your interest in fitness w/the fact that so many of your jobs/appearances seem to get hung up on your physique and asking you to take your shirt off? I’d think it would be frustrating.

It’s what happens to be paying the bills right now. I wrote a book, I directed a movie, it just depends.

6. If you could play one villain in any universe who would it be?

There is a comic book called Irredeemable where the world’s greatest superhero becomes the world’s greatest super villain. That would be who I’d want to play.

7. You’ve already done so many different things, whats next for you to try? What would you be doing if you weren’t in your industry?

Prior to drama school, I was going to play college basketball and go into Federal Law enforcement. My production company has a full slate of projects, the first of which premieres in January.

8. Can you go back on Talking Dead sometime? I’ve never really watched True Blood, but you showing your nerd knowledge on that show gave me a huge crush on you.

Thanks! I am a giant nerd. Tell Chris Hardwick to have me on again.