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Diane's Closet: Fall Style Inspiration From 'Twin Peaks'

By Tori Preston | Lists | August 29, 2017 |

By Tori Preston | Lists | August 29, 2017 |

While everyone has been oohing and aahing over the coats of Westeros, another style icon has been subtly giving us Sunday night closet envy: Diane on Twin Peaks. As played by longtime Lynch favorite Laura Dern, Diane didn’t have to be anything more than a quick answer to the question that has plagued fans since the pilot first aired back in 1990: who was Agent Cooper talking to on his tape recorder?


Given her association with Coop, it would have been easy to expect someone as buttoned-up and slicked-back as the agent himself. Utterly professional, enthusiastic, and perhaps a touch eccentric. Instead, the Diane revealed on Showtime’s revival has been a cabaret-styled hellcat with a pack of smokes and a ready “fuck you” waiting to trip off her tongue. That she worked in any capacity for the FBI seems more surprising than an other-dimensional spiral in the sky. She looks like she should be working in an art gallery, not a law enforcement office.

Granted, Diane’s style has been targeted with accusations of “problematic Orientalism” in the past. And while there is an undeniable Asian influence to her costuming, it is far from the only influence. Her mandarin collars reside alongside wide legged pants, leopard prints and sensible flats in one big eclectic wardrobe that owes a debt to librarians, mid-century vintage, and even the occasional Delia*s catalog.

We may have lost Diane, who was revealed to be a warped tulpa somehow created after a violent encounter with Evil Cooper. We don’t know if she’s lost in the Black Lodge, or if we’ll ever see her again. But her attitude and aesthetics will always be an inspiration. Here, then, are some lessons we can take from Diane’s example and use in our own everyday lives:

Never Underestimate The Power Of A Strong Robe


You may not want to entertain FBI agents in a robe. Heck, you may never let another person see you wearing one. But that doesn’t mean your robe needs to be boring. Find yourself a bold, silky style, and enjoy yourself. Not all of our fashion decisions need to be made for the eyes of others. Confidence starts at home.

With Eyeliner, Go Bold


Personally, I have never been brave enough include eyeliner in my makeup routine. My few experimentations were shaky, self-conscious, and immediately removed. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t envy a confident cat eye application, and Diane’s double-winged look is a knock-out, especially when paired with her simple, naturalistic makeup palette.

This Fucking Shirt


Leathery. Structured. Crimson. It’s a statement, but also simple enough to be paired with almost anything. TAKE MY MONEY.

Animal Prints Are Forever


A leopard print coat may not seem to go with anything, but in fact it goes with EVERYTHING. Whether you still have the one you wore in the 90s or you’re cruising the thrift store racks, the only rule to remember is that the faker it looks, the better. Real fur isn’t necessary. Real courage is.

Don’t Be Boring, Even In The Details


Why choose one nail polish color when you can have a different color on each nail? There are lots of ways to coordinate. “Boring” doesn’t need to be one of them.

In Fact, The Details Are What Matter Most



We get it. You have to wear a suit for work. But even a work wardrobe can be distinctive if you pay attention to the details. Whether it’s a perfectly fitted pair of wide pants, a bold pair of flats, a touch of embroidery or a colorful collar, you can be professional and still be unconventional. And best of all, you can be yourself.

Go Bold Or Go Home


When they go grey, we go orange.

And Remember: Fuck ‘Em All

Sometimes the only correct response is a strong “fuck you.”