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Checkmate: The 6 Best Invented Board Games from Television Shows

By Nadia Chaudhury | Lists | May 1, 2014 |

By Nadia Chaudhury | Lists | May 1, 2014 |

Gayle Force Winds, Bob’s Burgers
What it entails: Using household objects like a military toy man and a blender (naturally), you try to go to the Cliffs of Huxtable while undergoing challenges like clucking like a chicken or keeping a wet sponge on your head for 30 minutes. The wrong dice roll restarts the game (and the standing fan will displace everything on the board).

Bamboozle, Friends
What it entails: Losers are the bamboozled, so try your best to answer general trivia questions and make your way through the weirdly-named sections like the Wheel of Mayhem and the Mud Hut. Burn off some calories with hopping bonuses: where you have to switch from standing on leg leg to another after answering each question. Winners get to yank the Golden Monkey’s tail.

Mashgammon, How I Met Your Mother
What it entails: The best way to learn about your best friend’s new girlfriend, Mashgammon involves a Candy Land board, dice, a buzzer, Pictionary, but absolutely no Backgammon. If a person says, “What?” as in, “What the hell is going on in this game?”, a buzzer is hit and that person has to drink. Rolling on odd numbers means it’s autobiography time, where the person has to answer a personal question. So it’s basically Truth or Dare, minus the Dare plus all the drinking.

Cones of Dunshire, Parks and Recreation
What it entails: In this epic role-playing game, the goal is to gather all four cones by building civilizations. Players can choose between playing characters like one of two wizards, a maverick, or a ledgerman who gets to wear a nifty sailor-type hat. The ultimate choice faces you at the Cone of Decision: Do you take the cone cover (yes, that exists) off or leave it on? That determines whether you’re on the light or dark side. It’s a metaphor, you see. So, what’ll it be?

Satan’s Path, The Simpsons
What it entails: Bring other board games to life, like the train from Funnoply and boats from Battleboat, and try to stay alive long enough to catch the mouse from Mouse Trap and cross the finish line to win.

Tool Time, Home Improvement
What it entails: Fix things, don’t end up in the hospital, *grunt*

Nadia Chaudhury would choose the maverick, too.

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