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Anyone But Megan Fox: The Actresses We'd Love To See In 'Gotham City Sirens'

By Pajiba Staff | Lists | December 15, 2016 |

By Pajiba Staff | Lists | December 15, 2016 |

Clearly, DC movie makers relish toying with our emotions. They finally promised to bring us bonkers yet beloved badass Harley Quinn to the big screen with Suicide Squad. But they did it in a way that was#problematic. But hey! Harley’s getting her own spinoff! And Margot Robbie will executive produce, so presumably she’ll have some serious creative control over how Quinn is portrayed. But oh. Warner Bros is bringing back Suicide Squad helmer David Ayer to helm Gotham City Sirens. And now Bleeding Cool has unleashed a rumor that Megan Fox is eyeing the role of Poison Ivy.

Fox already fucked up April O’Neil in two mind-meltingly stupid and sexist AF Teenage Mutant Turtles Movies. So, no. All kinds of shut it down. Thankfully, this rumor’s only evidence is that Fox has reportedly been buying up comics that feature Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn. Still, if WB decides to cast her, it’ll be a clear sign to female comic book fans that this female-focused supervillain movie—like so many other things—is not for them. Of course, you could have a smoking hot Poison Ivy. But can’t she be one with verve? Can’t it be someone women admire and men (and women) swoon for? Can’t the role go to an actress who can actually act?

It REALLY CAN! To that end, we have some suggestions.

Jessica Chastain, because when you think of ravishing redheads who can make a man—or woman—fall to their knees in swoon, she’s the queen. And seriously, how has this diva not done a superheroine role yet? (Oh, right. Because there’s like four total.)

Bryce Dallas Howard, if Jessica’s busy. But for real, Dallas has shown she can do action (Jurassic World), and bring some comedy and heart to crazy (Black Mirror). Let her blossom.

Sophie Turner. Give this Game of Thrones star a chance to let loose with a wild flower role!

Alexandra Breckenridge. She killed it on American Horror Story and her sensuality knows no bounds. Our only concern is how she’d pull off Poison Ivy’s isolating personality, save for her relationship with Harley.

Evan Rachel Wood. She’s the full package as far as we’re concerned. She can nail the eco-terrorist undertones of Poison Ivy and be the right kind of balance to Robbie’s Quinn.

Tessa Thompson. It wouldn’t even be much of a stretch from her Westworld character, where she’s a bad-ass villainess, who you can’t help but occasionally root for. She gives no fucks.

And because they recast Batman for this new slate, let’s assume Anne Hathaway is not reprising Catwoman. Who would we like to see?

Mila Kunis and her husky voice are closer to Catwoman than Hathaway was in The Dark Knight Rises. She’s also graceful and has those eyes that can go from sultry to flirtatious in no time flat.

Olivia Wilde has the expressive face, steamy looks, and effortless glide we associate with any actress daring to don the catsuit.

Aisha Tyler would make a pretty badass Catwoman. Consider a 6’ tall villainess.

Paula Patton would be incredible. Just have her redo her Mission Impossible part. It could work. She very nearly ripped Lea Seydoux limb from limb.

Did we miss your dreamcast pick? Share her in the comments.