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8 Husband-Wife TV Arguments That Stung As Much As Your Own Parents Fighting

By Josh Kurp | Lists | August 13, 2012 |

By Josh Kurp | Lists | August 13, 2012 |

#1. Tony and Carmela Soprano

Episode: “Whitecaps”
Most Hurtful Line: “Who knew all this time you wanted Tracy and Hepburn? Well Tony, what about the thousand other f*cking pigs you had your dick in over the years? The strippers, the cocktail waitresses, were you best friends with all of them, too?”

#2. Roseanne and Dan Conner

Episode: “Fights and Stuff”
Most Hurtful Line: “They’re failures, Roseanne, and the only reason you won’t admit it is because you’ll have to admit you failed as a mother!” “The only way I failed as a mother is to let Becky and Darlene get married so young that they threw their whole life away on a man, just like I did.”

#3. Nate Fisher and Brenda Chenowith

Episode: “I’ll Take You”
Most Hurtful Line: “Nate, you created a human being. There’s gonna be another person on this planet because of you. A person who might have a totally miserable f*cking life and curse the f*cking day she was born because you are walking out on her the same way you’re going to walk out on me.” (They were engaged at the time, but still counts.)

#4. Homer and Marge Simpson

Episode: “Secrets of a Successful Marriage”
Hurtful Line: “But how do I know I can trust you?” Marge, look at me: we’ve been separated for a day, and I’m as dirty as a Frenchman. In another few hours I’ll be dead! I can’t afford to lose your trust again.” (Not hurtful, so much as JESUS, I guess.)

#5. Xander Harris and Anya Christina Emmanuella Jenkins

Episode: “Hell’s Bells”
Most Hurtful Line: “What did you expect? You never came near me after Buffy…” “Don’t bring her into this.” (I couldn’t find the exact scene online, so you’ll have to settle with clips played to the song “Wedding Dress” by some guy.)

#6. Eric and Tami Taylor

Episode: “Texas Whatever”
Most Hurtful Line: “I’m gonna say to you what you didn’t have the grace to say to me. Congratulations.” (Couldn’t find this clip, either, but imagine the most perfect couple ever feuding while Explosions in the Sky plays. That’s not far off to the real thing.)

#7. Hank and Karen Moody

Episode: “Mia Culpa”
Most Hurtful Line: N/A (“Rocket Man” plays during the actual scene instead, and yes, I know Californication isn’t a great show, or even a good one most of the time, but this was a stunning moment, with some fantastic acting from David Duchovny, who knows a thing or two about infidelity, and Natascha McElhone.)

#8. Walter and Skyler White

Episode: “Fifty-One”
Most Hurtful Line: “Wait for what? What are you waiting for?” “For the cancer to come back.”

Ouch. Please add your own below — I know there are plenty from Gilmore Girls, Freaks and Geeks, The Wonder Years, All in the Family, etc. that I missed. Just don’t mention The Honeymooners; you know you loved seeing Alice make Ralph squirm.