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6 TV Series Wrap Parties We Wish We Could’ve Attended

By Nadia Chaudhury | Lists | March 4, 2014 |

By Nadia Chaudhury | Lists | March 4, 2014 |

[Warning: Spoilers ahead…]

For the cast and crew of a long-running television series, there’s nothing like mourning the end of the show’s run than by drowning your sorrows at a massive finale wrap party. Imagine being on the set of Breaking Bad when Walt took his last breath, or when the How I Met Your Mother bunch took their final drink, or when The Sopranos director yelled “cut” right after Gandolfini (RIP) sat back at the fated booth. Oh, the emotions. Here are a few TV series wrap parties I wish I could’ve attended:

1. How I Met Your Mother
For a show about a group of friends drinking at the same bar every single night, there’s nothing more bittersweet than last call. The cast and crew of How I Met filmed their final scenes last month, and went to Twitter and Instagram to share their agonies with fans. Cobie Smulders even took over the bar at MacLaren’s Pub, which I assume they renamed Puzzles for the night. We already know that the pineapple made an appearance. Let’s just hope the goat was invited, too.

2. The Office
Even with all the Jim and Pam shenanigans in later seasons, I’ll always have a soft spot for The Office. The finale fete involved the entire city of real-life Scranton, home to the fictional Dunder Mifflin Paper Company, and included a parade where the cast and crew mingled with fans. As a wedding present to me and my husband, a friend of ours gifted us a $10 bill signed by creator Greg Daniels and the actor who played, Brian Baumgartner. (Scrantonicity did not play at our wedding, sadly.)

3. 30 Rock
We all would’ve wanted to go to there, there being 30 Rock’s fancy pants wrap party at the hoity-toity New York restaurant Capitale two years ago. I’m assuming the party resembled the cast parties of The Girlie Show, where Tina Fey would show off her spastic dance moves, Jane Krakowski would serenade everyone with her touching rendition of “The Rural Juror,” and Tracy Morgan would show off that belly for one last time. Especially the Tracy part.

4. The Sopranos
Though a big ol’ Italian feast would’ve been more fitting, David Chase and his wiseguys and gals opted to celebrate the conclusion of The Sopranos at a nightclub instead. I suspect they followed their dancing with a banquet at a Vesuvio-like Italian restaurant with all the parmesan meats they could eat. Bring your own Gabagool.

5. Friday Night Lights
The FNL family went to a honky-tonk in Austin, Texas, then played football (with Panthers uniforms!) at two in the morning. There really isn’t a better way to end the most perfect (ignoring that whole murder thing and sexy nurse thing) show in the world. Clear eyes, full hearts, I miss this show.

6. Breaking Bad
Last on this list, but very much not in the least, Breaking Bad is notorious for their epic wrap parties. Scoring an invite to one of these shindigs would’ve been worth paying a storage locker full of silverfish-covered money. The cast would’ve had A LOT of steam to blow off, after the incredibly tense show, and I would’ve been down for anything, including a dozen dime bags of crystal blue. When in Rome…(or Albuquerque).


Nadia Chaudhury was once tempted to invite Bryan Cranston to her wedding.