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4 Television Series Started And Then Abandoned in 2015

By Jodi Smith | Lists | December 28, 2015 |

By Jodi Smith | Lists | December 28, 2015 |

1. Marry Me
I think I watched one or maybe two episodes of this series about a recently engaged couple (Casey Wilson and Ken Marino) getting to know each other better. My attention was drawn to the show when I saw Wilson live-tweeting an episode. I tuned in, tweeted something, and then got excited when Wilson re-tweeted it and a couple of the other stars followed me. Then I laughed for about a week about Marino being surprised by sleeves.

I proceeded to completely forget that the show existed, which channel it appeared on, and what day and time it aired. When I did remember, the series had been cancelled and my chance to catch up was lost.

2. Marvel’s Daredevil
Like most Netflix series, Daredevil was all anyone on Facebook could talk about for weeks. The talk ranged from praise to vague spoilers and a running commentary on which episode was being watched when. This led me to make the curmudgeonly decision to boycott the series on grounds of general surliness.

Then my friend Jesse pulled some reverse psychology on me and I found myself watching with my husband. Before starting the series I was convinced that I would love it and my husband would hate it. Reverse that. He finished the series by himself while I gave up after four or five episodes. Maybe it was six.

I have no intentions of finishing Daredevil’s first season. I know what happens and I can use the time I save not watching to do something else, like watching MST3K: Werewolf for the thousandth time. Oddly enough, I plan to watch season 2 of Daredevil, as I love me some Punisher and Elektra.

3. Scream Queens
I made it through the 2-hour premiere of this tepid turd before bailing. Mostly because of casual racism and Emma Roberts.

4. Ash Vs. Evil Dead
Of all of the shows on this list, Ash vs. Evil Dead is one I absolutely love. My inability to stay up-to-date in my viewing has nothing to do with cancellation, boredom, or stubbornness. I watched the first three episodes with glee generally reserved for children first visiting Disney World or a strip club.

No, the problem is that I have a Day Job that requires me to sleep normal hours at night. I have a kid in the house that I don’t want to watch or even hear Ash Vs. Evil Dead yet. I also have a husband that likes to watch heinous reality shows, keeping my television time to a minimum. I just need a couple of days, some beer and snacks, and my DVR to catch up on the Deadite-hunting trio.

Were there any shows you tried to watch this year that slipped through the cracks?