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12 Movies That, For Better Or Worse, You Forgot Were Released in 2015

By Jodi Smith | Lists | December 1, 2015 |

By Jodi Smith | Lists | December 1, 2015 |

I’m not saying these movies should or should not be forgotten. I’m just saying that some of these will make you tilt your head and say, “Oh, yeah! That was a movie this year. Huh.”

Blackhat - January 8

“Two thirds of the movie, and my mind started to open up, deeply appreciating the mystery and the smart portrayal of hacking. And so my guard was down which allowed the last half hour to kick my brains right in the neuronal nads. Michael Mann, you owe me a lot of alcohol.” - Steven Lloyd Wilson

Accidental Love - February 10

“Alice suddenly finds her newly sexually aggressive self up against Catherine Keener in a ridiculous bouffant wig, trying to get a health care bill passed, but also there’s a bit about developing a military base on the moon with Girl Scouts and Josh Brolin is there and I don’t know, my brain is trying to escape through my ears again.” - Vivian Kane

Unfinished Business - March 6

“Given my (unexplainable) level of affection for Vaughn, however, you can trust me when I say this: Unfinished Business is a pile of desiccated shit. It is a fetid, rotting carcass at the bottom of a mass graveyard.” - Dustin Rowles

The Age of Adeline - April 24

“There’s a nuance and an off-kilter romance here that comes out of nowhere and is a real joy to watch. The rest of the movie? Total crap. Complete Nicholas Sparksian bullcrap, glazed-over dribble in which the only emotional moment outside of Ford’s story line has nothing to do with any of the humans of the movie, but instead relies on the old trick of manipulation via an animal in jeopardy.” - VK

Hot Pursuit - May 8

Hot Pursuit is a hot bag of trash, a moronic road trip movie written literally by a writer of According to Jim. They’ve dialed Reese Witherspoon’s Election character up to 17 and paired her with Gloria from Modern Family because that is unfortunately the only character Sofia Vergara is capable of playing.” - DR

Ted 2 - June 24

“Confession: When I was assigned the review for Ted 2, I had not seen Ted. I still have not seen Ted. I have no plans at any point in the future to see Ted. My thoughts on Seth MacFarlane’s foul-mouthed talking bear franchise can be summed up by a half-hearted shrug and a “myyyeeehhhhh.”” - Rebecca Pahle

The Vatican Tapes - July 25

People, we didn’t even bother reviewing this thing. Does it even really exist if we didn’t write it up?? Yes.

Ricki and the Flash - August 7

“Much of the movie is centered less around actual plot than it is focused on the contrasts between broke, rocker Ricki and her uber-preppy, uber-wealthy family. As she reunites with her sons and her ex, there’s an interesting and uncomfortable place she occupies, right between wanting her children’s love and forgiveness, but not being willing (or, really, not even recognizing that she needs) to apologize for anything. Most of the movie, though, is dedicated to the relationship and unspoken chemistry between Ricki and her daughter Julie (played to heartbreaking perfection by Streep’s real-life daughter, Mamie Gummer).” - VK

Everest - September 18

“Sometimes critics will make a dramatic point about a film by saying something like “the real main character was the mountain”. That’s the case for this film, but not in a good way. It is so obsessed with lingering shots of cliffs, and meandering pans across peaks and snow banks, that Everest could practically take out a restraining order on the camera crew.” - SLW

Bridge of Spies - October 4

“It’s not his upstanding lawyer who is the real hero of this Cold War drama, but American Idealism itself. And with an idea as its protagonist, there’s not much room for character development, but plenty of ponderous monologues about the American Way.” - Kristy Puchko

Love the Coopers - November 13

Love the Coopers is basically a studio engineered attempt to duplicate Love Actually by mashing up an American cast of familiar faces with a Christmas episode of Modern Family. It’s a converging series of subplots concerning the broken, lonely, heartsick, and unemployed members of the Cooper family that ends, ultimately, with all the members of the family exploding over Christmas dinner and making up at a dance party in a hospital after a near-death experience.” - DR

Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip - December 18

Just trust me on this one.