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Trump Supporters Were Right That Trump Is The Businessman President. They Were Just Wrong About The Business

By Emily Cutler | Politics | August 3, 2017 |

By Emily Cutler | Politics | August 3, 2017 |

And, no, I don’t mean “failed” businesses. Although, as your monthly reminder, Donald Trump is a failure at business.

Here’s what I mean: we currently have a president with no history of military or elected office experience. He’s never worked in a State house let alone the White House. He’s a former reality TV host, and pseudo celebrity (in that he’s not famous for doing anything special, not that he isn’t famous). But, the reason he could be a successful leader of the Executive branch is because he has so much experience being an executive. And besides the fact that leading a business is nothing like leading a country, the bigger larger fact, is, NOPE. He’s got almost no experience being an executive, and little to no experience with leadership.

Pretending for a second that countries should be run the same way as businesses (and again, I cannot stress enough, that’s a terrible idea), you would want the CEO of a company, right? CEOs are ideal because they’re used to directing large, multinational corporations with different locations, divisions, and goals. They are responsible for keeping all of the moving parts moving, and negotiating deals between various departments to make sure things keep running smoothly. But they also have the added benefit of being beholden to their investors, so they have an understanding of manipulating and meeting the needs of the great masses. And because they run publicly traded companies, they’re used to working under the oversight of their own board of directors as well as the SEC. They know how to jump through government hoops, and how to work within the regulatory system. It’s still not a good idea, but even I have to admit that someone with that skill set might be able to, with enough hard work and dedication, learn how to be president by applying their business know-how.

Only Trump isn’t a fucking CEO.

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He doesn’t own or run a publicly traded corporation. He’s the President and Owner of the Trump Organization, a privately held, conglomerate of nearly 500 other privately held companies. No public trades mean no general investors. Which means no Board of Directors, no SEC oversight, basically no responsibility whatsoever. Vendors? They can fuck themselves. The private investors Trump does have? Zero shits to be given. And since the investors are private, not publicly sourced, the SEC cares fuck all. Privately held companies, like the one Trump still owns, can do almost anything they want provided no one can prove negligence involved in someone’s death. Trump’s entire business model has been getting some people to give him money based on his name, and paying other people to make sure that he gets to keep every cent of that money regardless of what a terrible job he does. He doesn’t have to exhibit good leadership, make good decisions, or even produce a product.

His entire career has been a series of half-hearted demands that other, smarter people have actually executed. Trump has spent the majority of his seventy-one years doing exactly what he wants with exactly zero ramifications.

Which means, Trump supporters were right. He’s the Businessman President. And we’re all his swindled investors.