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Right-Wing Protestor Climbed The Wall Around Nancy Pelosi's House To Prove A Border Wall Would Keep People Out

By Jodi Smith | Politics | January 14, 2019 |

By Jodi Smith | Politics | January 14, 2019 |


You may recall the name Laura Loomer. She’s one of the white girls that somehow has enough people following her right-wing rhetoric that the rest of us have to hear about her sometimes. On November 1, 2017, she tweeted about Muslims “rubbing it in everyone’s face” by daring to exist in New York City the day after a terrorist attack.

Loomer earned a ban from Twitter in November 2018 for calling Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar (D) “anti-Jewish” and reviling the politician’s Muslim faith. In retaliation for the boot from the social media site, Loomer chained herself to the doors of Twitter HQ.

Well, she chained herself to one door, leaving the other free for employees and clients to come and go as they pleased all day. Furthering the insanity, Loomer wore a sweater with a yellow star (to represent those worn by Jews under Hitler’s Nazi regime) and held a large, The Price Is Right check-sized printout of the Tweet that got her account halted.

It was pretty funny.

Now Loomer is back in the news for jumping the wall surrounding Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s home in order to protest the lack of a border wall around the US.


She also set up a tent with “IMMORALITY” spray-painted on its trim on Pelosi’s private property.

Oh yeah, it was a live-stream of Loomer committing the crime. She was eventually escorted from the property by police and will face no charges for her misdeeds, which include screwing around with law enforcement by claiming they had no identification and “Gavin Newsome said we don’t need” them.

No. Charges.

Are we great now?