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Did Queen Elizabeth Troll Donald Trump -- With Brooches?

By Hannah Sole | Politics | July 18, 2018 |

By Hannah Sole | Politics | July 18, 2018 |


Queen Elizabeth has been doing this job for a long time. She knows she has to be politically neutral as the head of state. She can’t publicise her opinions or weigh in on political issues. That doesn’t stop us speculating about what she might really be thinking, or how she might be feeling about the people we, as a nation, make her meet and greet. And so, we look for clues.

The Queen’s appearance is carefully controlled and planned. Nothing is accidental. She has rules, and staff to prepare her. She chooses colours and jewels for symbolic reasons, and to ensure she stands out in a crowd. So when there seems to be a message or code in the outfit, it must be intentional, right? Like a secret message for the observant people!

And so, the Queen’s infamous ‘EU Hat’ became a thing:

Twitter user and blogger @SamuraiKnitter applied the principle of ‘nothing’s accidental’ to the Queen’s brooch choices over the weekend. Was the Queen trolling Donald Trump? Check out the following deep dive into royal brooch choices and see what you think…

Day 1 Brooch’s Secret Message: “I miss the Obamas.”

Day 2 Brooch’s Secret Message: “Team Canada.”

Day 3 Brooch’s Secret Message: “Someone told me this might be fun. Sure, Jan. I wanted to wear black, but they advised me to tone it down a bit.”

If you think brooches aren’t that big a deal, she then reminds us of the one that Princess Michael of Kent wore the day she was due to meet Meghan Markle…

Princess Michael’s brooch clearly wasn’t an accident. The Queen’s brooches wouldn’t be accidental because she is too careful for that. She knows what she is doing. Perhaps they are a little private source of amusement for herself, in a way that can be plausibly denied if necessary. Yeah, that’s the take I’m going for. Who knew brooches could be so savage?

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