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A Calm and Nuanced Reaction to the Latest in American Politics

By Jodi Smith | Politics | April 12, 2017 |

By Jodi Smith | Politics | April 12, 2017 |

Perhaps you’ve seen the latest from ol’ 45.


What in the actual fucking fuck kind of delusional drug or mental illness would make someone still believe that this heinous pile of fermented gerbil piss is in any way fit to lead a parade of ants, let alone the USA? How goddamned “economically fearful” do you have to be to block out the white noise of this level of hypocrisy and straight mothershitting EVIL?

“Get over it. Your candidate lost.” Yeah. AND YOU FUCKING CANDIDATE GRIFTED YOU, YOU GREAT SANDY TWAT. How about someone takes five minutes to actually think about the things this stumpy pencil eraser of man is doing to this country and the people in it and then remember that it isn’t about win or lose. It isn’t about a fucking party line. It’s about America and all of the American people. ALL OF THE FUCKING AMERICAN PEOPLE, YOU GODDAMNED ASS WEASELS. No one is winning except the con man you put in the White House and his fucked up pod children sliming their way into unearned positions of power for profits on fucking shoes and the slums they own.

Get fucked, I guess is what I’m saying. Get fucked if you cannot see that all of this is terrible. If you cannot see that you were had and every day that we allow this raisin-faced floater to keep bobbing around the White House is another day that America becomes more broken and divided. GODDAMN IT.