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The Male G-Spot

By Dr. Pisaster | Pajiba Dirty Talk | August 17, 2010 |

By Dr. Pisaster | Pajiba Dirty Talk | August 17, 2010 |

I covered the female prostate last week, but it occurs to me that most people aren’t much more familiar with the functions (and pleasures) associated with the male version, beyond the usual bathroom humor or a bit of personal experimentation. Which, of course, is a shame since the more you know about your body the better chance you have of maximizing your sexual pleasure. The anatomy of the male prostate is considerably better understood than that of the female version. The prostate is a gland a little larger than a walnut that surrounds the urethra. It is located between the bladder and the base of the penis and rests against the front wall of the rectum. Inside the prostate the ejaculatory ducts merge with the urethra and during orgasm sperm is transmitted through these ducts into the urethra. The prostate itself is surrounded by muscles that contract during ejaculation, and it has some smooth muscles of its own that aid in the ejaculation process. Its primary function is to store an alkaline fluid that composes about a quarter to a third of the volume of semen. The purpose of this fluid is to neutralize the acid environment of the vagina, which would otherwise kill sperm before they had a chance to reach an egg.

Of course, the most interesting thing about the prostate for the purposes of this column is it’s potential to induce mind-blowing orgasms. As most of you are probably aware, at least some men are able to have orgasms from prostate stimulation, earning it the nickname of “the male G-spot.” This term is probably more accurate than many people realize, since the male prostate is analogous to the gland most likely responsible for the female G-spot and men who experience prostate orgasms describe sensations similar to women’s descriptions of G-spot orgasms. For the record, a lot of the information that follows is anecdotal, as I wasn’t able to find any studies that focused on this aspect of the male prostate. Unfortunately, the scientific community seems to be less interested in the male G-spot than the female one. That said, the ability to orgasm from prostate stimulation is well established within the medical and scientific community. Electrical stimulation of the prostate is used in animal husbandry to collect samples of semen from male livestock for breeding programs and prostate massage is frequently used by urologists to gather fluid for tests.

The prostate can be stimulated directly through the anus and somewhat less directly through the perineum (that’s the less crude term for what’s commonly known as the taint). Stimulation through the anus can be achieved using fingers, standard dildos and vibrators, or toys specifically designed to reach the prostate. When using a finger, the idea is very similar to stimulation of the female G-spot - insert the finger into the rectum and gently massage the prostate with the pad of the finger using a come-hither motion. The prostate is highly sensitive and some men are able to reach orgasms through prostate massage alone, while others use prostate massage along with penile stimulation to enhance their orgasms. Of course, many men are reluctant to stick something up their ass (to put it in the least delicate way possible), but if you’ve never tried prostate stimulation, you should definitely consider it. Most men who engage in it report that the orgasms are stronger than orgasms from stimulation of just the penis. Furthermore, orgasms from prostate stimulation involve a flow of seminal fluid without ejaculation, which opens up the possibility of multiple orgasms.

There are a number of reasons why men might be reluctant to try anal play to stimulate the prostate, some of which are reasonable and some of which are not. For some men, the prostate may actually be too sensitive for massage to be comfortable. Others may have prostates too insensitive for them to derive any significant pleasure from stimulation. There’s also the hygiene question (though in my experience this is something of a red herring, since for many men this concern goes right out the window when the ass involved belongs to someone else) but those who are truly worried about it can relax. Feces are not stored in the rectum except just before expulsion. As long as you don’t have anything on deck or didn’t eat bad Mexican food for dinner, you’re probably safe (although there is still bacteria to contend with, so always wash your hands/toys after any sort of anal play). The more common reason for men to resist this sort of sexual play, however, is the feeling that receptive sex - sex where you’re the one that something is being inserted into - is strictly the province of women and gay men. This is especially fraught for some men when the person doing the inserting is female, since it involves a role reversal that a lot of men just aren’t comfortable with. Gentlemen, I think most women, and a significant number of gay men, would agree with me when I say that receptive sex can be awesome (You should give it a try boys…lot’s of men love it. Maybe you would too if you just relaxed about it. Come on just try it, just once. For us…Maybe on our birthday?). There’s also a sense that this sort of thing is transgressive, since not a lot of heterosexual men talk about it, but many men both gay and straight do enjoy it in the privacy of their own bedrooms. The truth is, it’s not dirty or weird; it’s just another way to experience sexual pleasure.

You shouldn’t ever do anything sexual you really aren’t comfortable with, of course, but it’s silly to deny yourself sexual pleasure just because you’re afraid it doesn’t seem masculine. If you do decide to try it, there are lots of ways to experiment and find the degree of stimulation you’re comfortable with. Buy some toys and try it on yourself if you aren’t comfortable doing it with a partner. If you do want to explore it with a partner, prostate play can involve anything from manual stimulation to full blown anal sex (with a strap-on if your partner is female, natch). It may be a little uncomfortable at first, but you might just find that you love it.

Dr. Pisaster has a doctorate in biophysics, not actually anything sexy. She does however enjoy having sex, reading about sex, and talking about sex. Especially when she’s had a little whiskey.

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