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The Good News/Bad News Of 'Iron Fist' Season Two: Daughters Of The Dragon, Typhoid Mary ... And More Danny

By Tori Preston | Streaming | July 23, 2018 |

By Tori Preston | Streaming | July 23, 2018 |


I’ve been largely offline for the past week, which is weird for me in general — but ESPECIALLY weird given that San Diego Comic-Con was afoot! The upshot is that I’m sitting here catching up on all the hot nerd news like it’s an all-you-can-eat buffet and I’ve been fasting. Or something. Look, I’ve been offline AND I haven’t been writing so I’m rusty. Sue me.

One thing that came out of San Diego was an update on the return of Netflix’s Iron Fist — and this is where we have a bit of a good news/bad news scenario. Bad news? It’s happening. I dunno WHY it’s happening. I mean, I didn’t know why the first season happened, but it did, and now the second season is arriving on September 7th. That’s a month and a half from now, and about 3 months after Luke Cage Season 2 dropped (a series that definitely received more advanced hype). The cynic in me wants to say that Iron Fist is getting buried, but then again shows that are getting swept under the rug usually don’t get a platform at SDCC. After all, it’s Marvel and it’s Netflix and even if Season 2 is 13 episodes of Danny Rand meditating, that’s enough for a panel in Ballroom 20. The likelier answer is that Iron Fist has become such a fucking punchline that Netflix/Marvel chose to keep things quiet until now, to lessen the amount of time jerks like me can go “BUT WHY THO” on the internet. Which… OK, fair enough.

When it comes to the follow-up seasons of Marvel shows on Netflix, it’s always been hit or miss. Daredevil went big (Elektra! The Punisher! Clancy motherfuckin’ Brown!) but ultimately lacked the impact of the first season. Jessica Jones, perhaps suffering from a TOO good first season, lost the thread entirely in the second. Luke Cage unexpectedly returned stronger than ever with a second season full of thoughtful explorations of masculinity, race, and legacy — one that perhaps never reached the heights of the season one (how do you top Mahershala Ali?), but remained consistent throughout.

So perhaps the first piece of good news is that Iron Fist has nowhere to go but up as it returns. If the first season has become a punchline, then there is nothing to tarnish — and in fact, seeing Danny Rand’s interactions with Luke in The Defenders and Luke Cage season two went a long way toward redeeming the character. I’m still not convinced that he’s interesting enough to hold down his own solo series, but I see where he fits into the larger Netflix/Marvel framework — and hopefully the second season will redeem Danny even more.

But the rest of the good news has nothing to do with Danny Rand, and everything to do with the Daughters of the Dragon (naturally!). According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Comic-Con panel also showed footage of Misty and Colleen:

But the biggest cheer of the panel came when another sneak-peek fight scene played, this time with Colleen Wing (Jessica Henwick) taking out four skilled fighters on her own. “You don’t want to make her mad,” Henwick says with a laugh. “But the most exciting thing for Colleen is the Daughters of the Dragon. Seeing these two badasses fighting together I think the fans are going to love.” Set to a punk rock song, fans got to see Misty Knight (Simone Missick) and Colleen take out a girl gang in an exciting and upbeat fight scene that hinted at even more Marvel female team-ups in the future…and perhaps their very own spinoff series.

JESUS FUCK STOP TEASING US AND GIVE US THAT MISTY/COLLEEN TEAM-UP SERIES ALREADY. Remember that bar brawl scene from Luke Cage season two, when Colleen and Misty just WRECKED a bunch of assholes together? I’d watch 13 more episodes of that, no question.

On the baddies front, THR reports that Rand will be facing Davos, his villainous sorta-bro (Sacha Dhawan) who will be going full Steel Serpent this time around (complete with his own fist-glow!). But that’s not all! Also joining the new season is Typhoid Mary (portrayed by Alice Eve), an assassin with multiple personalities. Fans have been waiting for this popular Daredevil villain to pop up in the Marvel Netflix New York City landscape for a while now, so that may help drum up some more interest.

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