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What is 'Letterkenny', and Should I Watch It?

By Dan Hamamura | Streaming | June 10, 2019 |

By Dan Hamamura | Streaming | June 10, 2019 |


As you may or may not be aware, it was announced last week that Letterkenny (whose seventh season will be released in October), will continue to broadcast in the US on Hulu, which first began streaming prior seasons of the show last summer.

If you’re already a fan, congratulations! If you aren’t, or if you’ve heard people talk about it but don’t know why, this guide is for you.

What is Letterkenny about?

Letterkenny is a Canadian sitcom set in the fictional small town of the same name, and primarily follows the exploits of the various groups in town: the farmers, the drug addicts, and the hockey players. They hang out, drink, clash, and fight occasionally, but mostly, they banter.

The show, which began airing in 2016, is based on a 2013 webseries called Letterkenny Problems.

Is Letterkenny funny?

While we can all agree that not everyone finds the same things funny and that’s totally OK, it’s also true that objectively, Letterkenny is a very funny show.

In particular, the show is good at generating comedy out of rapid-fire dialogue, heavy wordplay, and comedic patterns that are built and called back across multiple seasons.

Also, everyone is a weirdo. But almost all of them in their own endearing way.

Wait. How are they on season 7 when it’s only been on the air since 2016?

I know, right?

I’m not Canadian. Will the show make sense to me?

Absolutely! Like any good show, Letterkenny teaches you how to watch it, and any unfamiliar terms or slang will quickly become second nature to you.

And besides, it turns out Canadians aren’t as different from you or I as we might think — for example, a friend of mine who grew up in Texas said that this show reminded him exactly of his hometown (except for the snow).

Help! I want to know if my friends are watching Letterkenny, but I don’t want to just ask them.

That’s weird.

I know. But… help?

Don’t panic! You see, you can almost always tell if someone is watching Letterkenny — if they are, they’ll slyly drop in a casual reference to the show, often by saying something like any of the following:

-How are ya now?
-Can confirm
-Texas-sized ten-four

One fun side benefit of learning that your friend also secretly watches Letterkenny: experiencing the joyous glimmer of recognition in their eyes as you both reveal your shared love for the show.

Another fun side benefit: not feeling quite so alone in this cold, cold world.

Wait. This sounds like a cult.

It’s not.

Are you sure?

Think of it more like one of those secret bars where you need to know the password to get in.

A speakeasy?

I guess?

How do you not know the word speakeasy?

How do you not know about Letterkenny?


I’m sorry. Let’s not fight.

I’m still on the fence. Do you have a clip or something that can give me a sense of the show?

Try this one (note: there’s some swears):

Cool. One last question.


What do I do after I’ve already watched every episode and don’t know what to do with my life?

I don’t know what it’s like where you live, but here, it’s a great day for hay.

Header Image Source: Hulu