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6 Cheesy Horror Movies Getting the Rifftrax Treatment on Amazon Prime

By Jodi Smith | Streaming | October 25, 2017 |

By Jodi Smith | Streaming | October 25, 2017 |

‘Tis the season for horror movie binges, but you can only watch so many bad flicks before you start to question everything. The only cure for that? Watch purposely bad horror and have Mike Nelson, Bill Corbett, and Kevin Murphy of Rifftrax entertain you by ripping it apart. If you can’t buy all of the Rifftrax’d flicks straight from the guys on their website, Amazon Prime is the place to go for all of your Rifftrax needs right now.

1. Fever Lake

Did you know that Corey Haim and A.C. Slater Mario Lopez were in a terrible straight-to-video horror movie together in 1996? They were and it is just as awful as one might imagine.

Haim plays Albert, a college student who has invited his friends to his family’s home on Fever Lake. There’s a curse upon this lake, though. What kind of curse? I’m not really sure, but there’s a Native American man that keeps telling us that there is a curse and we cannot do anything about it.

2. Birdemic

I believe you all know about the glorious 2010 flick Birdemic. Rod and Nathalie meet awkwardly, date awkwardly, and then get awkwardly trapped in the middle of the bird apocalypse that appears to be firmly centered on the couple. James Nguyen wrote and directed the flick, and it shows.

The version on Amazon is the delightful live riff with bonus Canadian short starring the annoyed and self-loathing Norman.

3. House on Haunted Hill

Is it really Halloween season if you haven’t watched a movie starring Vincent Price?

This classic haunted house movie has been colorized and is riffed beautifully, though the video below is for the live version and Amazon has the undead version. Or whatever. It’s a good way to introduce your kid to horror without breaking their brain while also letting them know that everything can be mocked into submission.

Price is a millionaire with a scheming wife number something and he is having a paaaaty in a haunted house for four strangers. If they can stay all night in the creepy mansion, they will receive money.

4. Manos: The Hands of Fate

Okay, so there is a family of three with their dog and they’re on vacation. They’re driving. They stop at a house where a dude named Torgo comes walking out to greet them, all cattywompus and such. Torgo keeps talking about a Master and these geniuses decide they’d still like to stay in the house until they can fix their car or whatever.

The movie was filmed in short bursts of 32 seconds with no sound because of the type of camera used by director and star Harold P. Warren. All voices were dubbed. The actors were given a share of the film’s profits instead of salaries, so I’ll let you guess whether they ever got paid.

5. Plan 9 from Outer Space

Ed Wood’s crapsterpiece has been colorized and thoroughly mocked by the Rifftrax crew. From what I can gather, aliens have decided to screw up Earth by bringing the dead back to life. Why? Because of like war and atom bombs and stuff, obviously.

Bela Lugosi’s last performance is sadly in this movie and you can clearly see when Wood brought in someone else to play his part after Lugosi died during filming.

6. Rock ‘N’ Roll Nightmare

It’s not easy to be the worst movie in a bunch of Rifftrax flicks, but here it is: Rock ‘N’ Roll Nightmare. Since this movie was made in the 80s, there are boobs, people randomly hooking up, and terrible hair and outfit choices.

The premise? A hair band retreats to a purportedly haunted house to record 10 minutes of new material. Or to practice for a tour. The reason keeps changing. The movie itself seems like another slasher lesson in not banging everything that moves until the finale, which is inexplicable and glorious.