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Reznor Slaps Prince and Weezer Around A Bit

By Felicia | Music | May 11, 2009 |

By Felicia | Music | May 11, 2009 |

efetus.jpgLocal and independent Minneapolis music store, The Electric Fetus, is offering a new online music download program for independent and unsigned bands. The program, called ThinkIndie, is accessible through the store’s website. ThinkIndie is meant to rival iTunes and give independent bands and musicians an outlet to sell their music without having to pay the fees iTunes charges. Some bands aren’t even accepted by iTunes if they don’t have a label. ThinkIndie will offer higher quality MP3s and 60 second audio samples, as opposed to the 30 seconds iTunes offers. The cost per track is $1.11, and $9.99 per album. Buying tracks from ThinkIndie will support not only a local music store, but local bands and musicians instead of media giants like Apple who seem to have a virtual monopoly on the music business right now. With the closings of hundreds of independent music stores across the country, this is a great way to keep business going during times when people are pirating music, or buying it digitally.

yusufislam_wideweb__430x313.jpgThe artist formerly known as Cat Stevens, Yusuf, is now accusing Coldplay of ripping off his song “Foreigner Suite” for their Grammy-winning “Viva La Vida.” Coldplay is currently being sued by Joe Satriani for ripping off his song, “If I Could Fly.” Yusuf has not filed any court papers yet, but might in the future depending on how Satriani’s ruling turns out.

trentrezisout.jpgThis week in “The world hates Prince” news, Trent Reznor voiced his distaste for Prince’s newer music in an online interview saying, “Prince, if you have a hundred great songs or a thousand, how about picking a few and putting them on your record that you’ve put out, because your last several have sucked.” He also cited Rivers Cuomo along the same vein. Music blogger Paul Yamada also voices the same opinion in his critical, to the point of needing to find something better to do with his life piece here. My opinion is that it’s really hard to live up to something that was so positively received by the masses. It’s as if the public sets these types up to ultimately fail. It makes it real easy for people like us to be overly critical.

van_halen.jpgGuitar Hero: Van Halen is currently in development and will be released later this year. The game will include some greatest hits as well as songs from The Offspring, Queen and Weezer. Activision has confirmed that David Lee Roth will appear as an avatar in the game. There is no word yet on whether you will be able to switch out to Sammy Hagar (or worse — Gary Cherone. Eek! —TK).

the-sounds.jpgI went to The Sounds concert on Friday night at Minneapolis’s Varsity Theater. They are currently touring smaller venues through the Midwest and will be opening for No Doubt on their tour this summer. I’ve been waiting to see The Sounds live for a while now, and it was worth the wait. They had a ton of energy and sounded excellent live. It was probably one of the best shows I’ve seen of the year, so far. I guess I’m not sure why they’re opening for a band that has nothing to promote except their old, and some of it very tired, music. The Sounds’ third album, Crossing the Rubicon will be released on June 2nd. And here is my new favorite song from that album, “Beatbox.”

OK, you can breathe again. Here’s your Monday Afternoon Playlist, though a bit shorter than usual.

ShepRitz: “God Hates A Coward” — Tomahawk. I’ll be the first to admit that I have a generic, run-of-the-mill man crush on Mike Patton. Always have. Musically, I feel the guy can do no wrong (nearly). I love the energy of this song. It is one of the best examples of how a song should build in strength and power. The aggressive, distorted vocals start out bold, and end in an unintelligible fury. It is quite the motivational song when you have something to either be angry about, or need to get pumped for.

Chris: I’ve been addicted to the mash-ups by the Chicago duo The Hood Internet as of late and one of their latest is a brilliant concoction: “In The Air Ce Soir” puts the classic Phil Collins track in a blender with French dance-popper Yelle and it comes out gooey as hell. In a remix world dominated by attention deficit disorders, The Hood Internet keep it sounding simple and gorgeous, never erratic or headache-inducing. Check out their site for free downloads.

TK: I’m going to see Lamb of God tomorrow, and so I’ve been listening to them nonstop for about two straight weeks. If you want a more in-depth review of them, check out Boo’s outstanding review of their new album, Wrath here. It’s an instant classic, and joins 2003’s As The Palaces Burn and 2006’s Sacrament as one of their best albums. Speaking of Sacrament, I’m currently hooked on the amazing guitar riff of the opening track, “Walk With Me In Hell.”

Felicia is a winter loathing Minnesotan who is an office drone by day and a ninja blogger by night. You can find her bitching, complaining and getting in trouble at My Boring Life.

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