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Why Is Minnie Driver's Leg?

By Emily Cutler | Miscellaneous | September 7, 2016 |

By Emily Cutler | Miscellaneous | September 7, 2016 |

Speechless is a new ABC comedy featuring Minnie Drive as the matriarch of the DiMeo family. She’s intent on making life as good as possible for her son J.J. who has special needs and is non-verbal. Here’s the trailer.

I’m willing to bite, but I’m also very partial to ABC comedies.

Which is why I was also so disheartened to see this as the promo billboard. I was forced to ask myself, “Why is Minnie Driver’s leg?”


Does Ms. Driver’s character have an apparent leg defect that causes her right foot to jut out at a 90 degree angle from the rest of her body? If so, why wouldn’t they address that on the show? It is tackling the issues facing people with special needs. Then I remembered that actually she was able to stand with both feet directly in front of her like so.


And a further check of the video revealed that she also isn’t suffering from any sort of walking impairment, which is good for her because walking in a way that would create this stance


is stupid. Go ahead, try it. It’s stupid, isn’t it?

So what exactly am I missing? The character on the show doesn’t appear to have nor is ever discussed having any sort of limp, and yet here she is trying to do an awkward model shuffle across the street while everyone else gets to walk or roll like a normal human person.

Because there’s no way that whoever did the mock-up/Photoshopping for this picture thought, “Sure, Minnie Driver is a completely stunning 5’10” model/actress, but she’s going to look like dogshit if I don’t do something about that walk of hers. Better pose her up a little.


Not quite.


Almost, but let’s move that away from her knees and down to her feet.


Bingo! That’s what we need her feet to look like. Because god fucking forbid that a wife and mother of three would spend time focusing on her family or maybe even herself, and not into contorting her body into some weird goddamn angles. Now this billboard is suitable for public consumption!”

I mean, that really couldn’t happen, right?

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