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What's The Best Kind of Cheese?

By Kristy Puchko | Miscellaneous | June 4, 2018 |

By Kristy Puchko | Miscellaneous | June 4, 2018 |


According to Twitter, today is National Cheese Day. Sure why not. So, what is the best kind of cheese or use of cheese? The Overlords discuss.

Roxana Hadadi: The answer is always mozzarella. When I was a real chubby kid back in elementary school, my after-school snack was a ball of cheese. Like, the entire ball. That is supposed to be used for a pizza. My parents kept being like WHERE IS ALL THE CHEESE GOING?

Genevieve Burgess: Best use of cheese? Hang on a second, I need photo back up for this.

Dustin Rowles: If I had to pick, Queso would be my favorite. Even the inferior Chipotle queso which doesn’t even contain Velveeta.

Tori Preston: I have never found a cheese I didn’t like, given the right circumstance. Also, it’s impossible to have too much.

Roxana: Fact.

Petr Knava: Pizza is the end goal of cheese evolution and that’s that. That being said, most cheese is delicious. But still pizza uber alles.

Tori: Like when you’re in the restaurant and they want to give you freshly grated parm, I always wanna be like “just leave the bowl.”

Roxana: I mean, grilled cheese though. And arancini! And when you make pasta in a skillet. Orzo! And lasagna.

Petr: Fucking halloumiiiiiiiiii. All day, every day, till my heart explodes.

Roxana: OR saag paneer.

Tori: Cheddar soups are my jam, because it combines cheese with not having to chew.


Genevieve: KHACHAPURI! A bread-boat full of melted cheese with a poached egg on top. Also butter.

Petr: feta in a huge salad

Kristy Puchko: I will eat a block of cheese. Nearly any cheese.

Tori: I went to a fondue restaurant that served wine in glass baby bottles. I still can’t believe that place closed.

Roxana: Goat cheese. Real rural Persian breakfasts are just a gigantic platter of herbs — mint, parsley, whatever — soaked walnuts, goat cheese, and bread. So good.

Kristy: If I’m fancy, I’ll slice fruit and cured meats.


Dustin: I don’t like pungent cheeses. Feta is about as weird as I’ll get.

Kristy: Dustin, my landlady makes us a simple, insanely delicious salad: little tomatoes, cucumbers, olive oil, splash of vinegar, feta. DIVINE.

Dustin: Bleu cheese and goat cheese remind me that cheese is just mold.

Kristy: Delicious mold


Genevieve: I can’t with blue cheese, also I’m suspicious that it will try to kill me since I have a Penicillin allergy.

Tori: I can’t eat blue cheese on its own, but in certain recipes I totally get it

Kristy: I had a calzone for the first time in years last weekend. I needed a nap halfway through, but it was heaven.

Genevieve: I did just have a grilled cheese and tomato soup from Panera for lunch today because sometimes that’s just what you need.

Roxana: The crusty broiled cheese on french onion soup!

Kristy: Unexpectedly great grilled cheese combo: wasabi cheddar and fig jam.

Roxana: a hot crusty baguette with goat cheese and honey is the BEST.

Kristy: At any given fancy party, you will find me near the cheese platter.

Hannah Sole: Mmmmm cheeeeeeeese! Some faves: Halloumi burger, feta crumbled on roasted veg, Cheddar on everything, Quesadillas.

Roxana: Also gouda on a cheeseburger is straight perfection.

Hannah: Nacho cheese in the squeezy bottle. Not classy. Or any close relation to actual cheese. But NOM

Tori: I’m still amazed by baked brie. It’s like magic. Like… you just take a chunk of cheese, and bake it, and put some jam on top or whatever? Also, Spinach Artichoke Dip is 80% cheese, but cheese gets 0% of the credit.

Genevieve: Oh yeah, Spinach Artichoke Dip is basically fondue that someone spilled veggies in.

Dustin: It’s got spinach in it. It’s gotta be good for you! I made quesadillas a lot and put a little spinach in them, because then they are healthy!

Roxana: I mean, have we talked about mac and cheese yet? Because MAC AND CHEESE.

TK Burton: Everyone except Roxana is wrong. The answer is goat cheese.

Roxana: Also sometimes at work events they have parmesan crisps and I could eat ~100000 of those.

Genevieve: I learned how to make those and I forced myself to forget. I will put parmesian on just about any hot food I make. Pasta? Obviously. Roasted chicken? Why not. Roasted veggies? Dump it on.

TK: Parmesan is also the secret to getting children to eat almost anything.

Dustin: Not REAL Parmesan, though. Just that shakey shit. Fucking Shakey shit.

TK: Dustin.


TK: Just buy real parmesan and pour it into the shakey shit can.They’ll never know. And then you don’t have to suffer the shakey shit yourself. Come on man, this is rookie shit.

Dustin: I can’t, TK. I wish I could, but they do KNOW. I bought the Trader Joe’s brand instead of the regular brand. I didn’t even tell them, and they were like, FUCK THIS DADDY I’M OUT.

TK: God, they really are demons.

Sound off on cheese below.