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The Wild and the Wacky: GIF Soup for the Soul

By Brian Byrd | Miscellaneous | August 15, 2014 |

By Brian Byrd | Miscellaneous | August 15, 2014 |

This week, guys. This goddamn week. The last five days was like ordering a delicious turkey club for lunch and getting a soiled diaper shoved between two slices of raw placenta instead. With no mayo. Just terrible. First, I tweaked my ankle playing basketball in my safe suburban neighborhood. It’s still a little sore today. Then, I couldn’t find a pirated 1080p copy of Neighbors anywhere, so I had to suffer through the 720p version that took, like, 40 minutes to download. Life in Obama’s America is hard, folks.

Also, a really well-liked famous person lost his lifelong struggle with depression, and Call of Duty larpers turned an American city into Fallujah.

Enough. Feeling like ass should be a Monday-Thursday experience. It’s Friday. Figured we could all use a boost before the weekend. So here’s some random funny stuff. You may have seen some of these before. Sorry. My GIF palette is only so broad. Post your own in the comments. Or don’t. Cowards.

You may have missed this given the real world’s intrusion into our pop culture bubbles, but the first Jurassic World footage leaked all over Internet’s basement!


Here’s a tale of courtship that’s as old as time.


Sequel alert: Corgone in 60 Seconds.


(Stefon voice): the new dance sweeping New York’s hottest clubs.


At least someone is getting one over on the police these days.


Here’s something that should make everyone on Earf smile: football is back!


The Chicago Bears’ new running back is absolutely terrible. Do not draft.


Our illustrious Speaker of the House loves him some GIFs. Allow me to reciprocate.


And finally: what I want to do to this week.


Brian Byrd is a long-time Wu-Tang Clan larper. Follow him on Twitter.