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The Weekly Caption Contest

By Michael Murray and Replica | Miscellaneous | September 14, 2012 |

By Michael Murray and Replica | Miscellaneous | September 14, 2012 |

Well, it’s been another stellar week at the Pajiba Caption Contest as our balloon is full to bursting with topnotch submissions. As Hunter S. Thompson once said, or wrote or maybe hallucinated, “When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.” As far as I’m concerned, he was talking Pajiba all the way.

As a refresher, I’m going to show you the image that Replica provided for us last week.


old shot.png

I have narrowed it down to the top four, and they are as follows:

4. bastich:

“Leaked shot from the set of ‘David Lynch’s Old Yeller.”

Yes, the image bastich refers to is almost perfectly Lynchian, so much so that I actually went out to look and see if David Lynch was actually making a movie of Old Yeller. He is not. No matter, I want to thank you bastich for delighting the imagination with such a prospect, and leave you with this gift, a recent self-directed video of a song written by David Lynch. You won’t sleep right ever again.

3. EricD:

“Buy this painting, or we will kill this dog.”

This is simple, blunt and instructional.

2. Bert_the_Pajibian:

“I tells ya Ma, there’s sumthin’ fishy goin’ on when them duffel bags got both a drawstring AND a zipper…”

Bert, you are very perceptive. I hadn’t even noticed that the duffel bag had a drawstring and a zipper. What’s up with that? Why the extra security, Pa? What do you have in there and why does that painting of the dog read like an obituary? Bert, you raise many, many interesting and disturbing questions, and for that you should be rewarded.

Here’s a photograph of Raquel Welch from The Fantastic Voyage:


1. F.Robert

“I remember this Christmas.”

Plaintive and poetic, F.Robert has captured something that is universal. We all come from batshit crazy families, and one day most us will even start our own batshit crazy family, and so F. Robert, you are the winner this week! For your efforts you will be rewarded with something lying around the Rowles’ basement! If you’re brave enough and send us your address we will mail you whatever that may be.

This week we are providing you with images from the same 1970 ad campaign. You can of course respond in any way you like, or you can simply answer the question that the ads ask.

God speed to you, Pajibians!



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