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Mark Ruffalo AMA: He's Talking Hulk, Clean Water, and Nicknames

By Jodi Smith | Miscellaneous | June 30, 2014 |

By Jodi Smith | Miscellaneous | June 30, 2014 |

Mark Ruffalo, he of the sweet face and sexy hairy chest, stopped by reddit today for an AMA. Ruffalo is bringing attention to the Water Defense and if you donate to his Prizeo campaign, you can win a trip to the set of Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Lets start with the Buffalo in the room. Your name rhymes with Buffalo. Was this bad in school, or did you pivot it into a cool nickname. Are there any other animal names with which you would prefer your last name to rhyme? Lastly, does working with Water Defense make you a Water Ruffalo?

Hahaha! I knew, one day, that I would be able to call myself a Water Ruffalo. And so I was born into the Ruffalo family.
I was teased relentlessly for having a name that rhymed with “Buffalo” but at some point I turned that in my favor. I just started saying “Ruffalo” like “Buffalo” and at that point, I sort of took it back from the people who used it to make fun of me because I’d introduce it myself - they’d say “What’s your name” and I’d say “Ruffalo, like Buffalo.” And then my friends started calling me “Ruff” and that’s been my nickname since then.

Hi Mark, what is something that the average fan would not know about you?

That I’m an introvert. I’m a secret introvert posing as an extrovert.

Is your friendship with Robert Downey Jr. in real life as good as it is on the screen between your characters?

Better. We have a really good friendship. We’ve known each other since before Zodiac. And he’s kind of like an older brother that I wish I had. He sort of looks out for me, and I remember when the role came up in the movie, I reached out to him, I was nervous about it, I said “I don’t know if I can do this” and he said “It’s alright buddy, I gotcha.”

Mark, you bring so much life to everything you’re featured in, and you’re such a joy to watch. With that in mind, how much longer do would you like to play Bruce Banner/Hulk?

As long as they’ll have me. I did the math, and in 3 more movies I’ll be in my 50’s, and I don’t know if anyone wants to see a gray-haired Hulk. Maybe that’s not true…


What makes you Hulk level angry?

People messing up the environment with little care of the people and living things it will effect. Climate Change denial bums me out but that is mostly people who just haven’t looked too deeply into the issue or have very little regard for science. Cruelty, and selfishness upset me and greed is a major ugly quality in people.Wars also suck.

Mark, what does everyone need to know about fracking?

That it’s no better for climate change. That it pollutes water and air. And renewable energies are at a place right now where we should just move forward with implementing them than to build out an infrastructure that supports hydro-fracking. It’s a relatively new technology and by supporting it we’re engaging in one of the biggest industrial experiments ever undertaken without understanding what the long-term health effects or consequences are.

If you had to pick someone to play my love Jennifer Walters/She Hulk, who’d be your top choice? :)

Oh wow, that’s pretty crazy. Well I think Zoe Saldana would be a great She Hulk. It’d be nice to see someone like her join the Avengers. Or someone quiet and demure like Emma Stone would be nice. But it would be up to the powers that be.

Hi Mark, are you a comic book fan? Who is your favorite superhero?

Well, growing up, when I was little it was the Hulk and Bill Bixby’s the Incredible Hulk TV show. But as I got older it was Wolverine, and I have a signed first edition of the Wolverine by Frank Miller. That’s pretty cool.


Mark, do you have any pets? If so, what is it? Their name(s)? And can we see a picture? :)

Oh yeah, I do have a pet. We have a pet rabbit. And his name is Blackjack. If I find any pictures I can send you one.

Via Mark’s Instagram: Pic 1 and Pic 2

Hey Mark! For 13 Going On 30, did you have to learn the dance to Michael Jackson’s Thriller, or did you already know it?

I had to learn to dance the thriller dance. It took me a long time. MJ was a really good dancer.

Was it difficult not falling in love with Matt Bomer during the filming of The Normal Heart? I mean, the man has a face chiselled by the hands of God…

What more can you say?!


What’s the best life advice you would give?

Re-define everything that has been taught you. Grasp the unobtainable. Plummet headfirst. Be true to yourself.
I read an article years ago by Michael Stipe and he had said those things. And I still remembered them.