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Has 'Alice Through The Looking Glass' Jabberwonkied Hot Topic's Winning Streak?

By Kristy Puchko | Miscellaneous | May 25, 2016 |

By Kristy Puchko | Miscellaneous | May 25, 2016 |

Like a lot of you, we’d written off Hot Topic as a childish thing we put aside with our choker necklaces, obsession with boy bands, and baby goth phase. But then the oft-mocked mall brand started churning out killer capsule collections that had us fangirling. Whether you’re all about Star Wars, The Avengers, DC Bombshells, Orphan Black, Nightmare Before Christmas, or Doctor Who, Hot Topic had a cute cardigan, terrific trench coat or bold booty shorts for you.

But their latest line—inspired by Disney’s Alice In Wonderland sequel Alice Through The Looking Glass—is painfully uninspired. Hot Topic had the Oscar-winning costume designs of Colleen Atwood as a muse, and all they came up with was a meh collection of cosplay looks for less. Below, you can see them all, including their plus size options.

If you look close, this purple dress’s print contains top hats and rabbits. They’re cute touches, but don’t save this pastel piece from looking more like pajamas than Atwood’s stunning number influenced by Alice’s journeys in China.


The Cheshire Cat is tumbling through this pale blue print, yet the hue lacks Alice’s panache.


On the plus side, this collection also offers some selections for men.


On the minus side, these are those selections.


This is supposedly based on the Red Queen’s battle armor. I would never guess its Alice Through the Looking Glass connection, but at least it’d give a bit of flare to a fall wardrobe.


Red velvet and hearts for the Red Queen’s cocktail dress, it’s fine, not fierce.


This military-inspired waist coat is my favorite of the batch. But like the rest, it just lacks a certain oomphf that’d inspire me to buy.


What do you make of Hot Topic’s Alice Through The Looking Glass collection? Sound off in comments.

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