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Dove UK Wants You to Match Your Curves to Your Body Wash

By Jamie Righetti | Miscellaneous | May 8, 2017 |

By Jamie Righetti | Miscellaneous | May 8, 2017 |

Dove’s Real Beauty campaign has worked hard to challenge unrealistic beauty standards and to champion self-love and self-esteem for women and girls who all too often do not see themselves reflected as beautiful in ad campaigns for a variety of reasons: freckles, natural hair, stretch marks, being short, having curves or cellulite or for just being different.

Now, Dove have taken their message one step further with a limited edition version of Dove body washes that take on a variety of shapes and sizes to reflect diverse body types. Check out the Dove UK ad below, which shows the packaging for their Deeply Moisturizing body wash being made, showcasing the wide range of new bottle shapes:

As Dove explain in a statement on their UK website, “beauty comes in a million different shapes and sizes” and they’ve chosen to release this diverse range of bottle shapes to reflect that every woman is “their very own limited edition.” Dove UK also back up this idea by referencing their own Dove Global Beauty and Confidence Report, which stated that one in every two women felt pressure from social media to look a certain way. I know I have felt this way more than once myself.

But while it seems like Dove has good intentions here, it also smells a bit gimmicky. I can’t say I’ve ever felt the need to have my body wash reflect my own curves and height. Truth be told, when it comes to packaging my eye tends to go to the volume description on the left hand corner. Am I getting enough bang for my buck here? And just giving these bottles a cursory glance, I’d probably be inclined to pick up that very wide one - not because of my own hips but because it looks the biggest. Yeah, I’m sure they’ve accounted for this and made sure all the packaging holds the same amount but my eyes will think bigger holds more. (I won’t even wade into the whole “bar soap is actually more hygienic” debate here.)

For now, the limited edition bottles are just being released in the UK but it will be interesting to see if women really do pick bottles that they feel reflect themselves - providing stores actually stock the entire range - or if this is a misplaced effort on the part of Dove.

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