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A Much-Needed Roundup of Uplifting News

By Petr Navovy | Miscellaneous | June 28, 2018 |

By Petr Navovy | Miscellaneous | June 28, 2018 |


You know what, right now, shit is shit. I mean it’s really going to shit in so many ways. Especially in America. I really feel for you guys, and I’m sending solidarity from Europe. But no matter how much shit shit there is going on with shit, it’s important to remember: There’s always good shit going down too. You just gotta look for it. It’s a big world after all. Jodi already pointed to the puppies and the kittens, so here, on top of that, is some good shit that’s been happening around the globe. We need to hear about it now and then. Otherwise what’s the point?


Students at Bristol University raised £1,500 to send their cleaner on holiday.

Thanks to the extraordinary will of the Belize government, the Belize Barrier Reef has now been removed from the list of endangered World Heritage Sites. It can be done, people. Its the only planet we’ve got.

A non-verbal child has started speaking after riding a therapy horse.

A 6-year old child with a lemonade stand has raised $13,000 for immigrant children separated from their parents.

A cat, lost for ten years, has now been reunited with its owner.

Anthony Bourdain (RIP) kept up correspondence with a child with leukemia in order to help him realise his dream food trip.

Mexico’s jaguar population has grown 20% over eight years.

A baby cow escaped from the slaughterhouse, and is now being raised by a family of deer. In a snowy forest. Because sometimes life is Disney.

There’s a blind dachshund who has a pit-bull guide dog.

An Australian man who dedicated his organs to China in the event of his death has changed lives in a country with an extremely low organ donor rates.

Paraguay is malaria-free!

The cost of providing renewable energy is plummeting. Fossil fuels may well be brought low by the market. Not fast enuogh, and it’s already too late. But still, better than nothing.

Mountain gorilla populations are rebounding.

Holland’s plastic bag ban has reduced the use of the item drop by 71%.

A dog shelter is testing out a system whereby these good girls and boys can be housed together instead of separately.

And finally, Paul Rudd still exists.




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