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Finally, the Most Thankless Job In the Marvel Universe Is Getting Its Due

By Vivian Kane | Marvel Movies | October 5, 2015 |

By Vivian Kane | Marvel Movies | October 5, 2015 |

Have you ever watched a superhero movie or TV show, or read a comic filled with huge battles and wondered, “Who the hell cleans up after these guys?” Well, we finally have an answer to that question, and they’re getting their own TV show.

ABC is reportedly developing a single-camera show called Damage Control, following the less-than-heroic exploits of the “overworked, underpaid clean-up crew.” From Variety,

According to the series description, the Marvel cleaning crew specializes in dealing with the aftermath of the unique fallout from super hero conflicts. They are the ones who are in charge of returning lost ray guns to their rightful owners, help to reschedule a wedding venue after it has been vaporized in a super hero battle or even track down a missing prize African parrot that’s been turned to stone or goo. Sometimes the most important super heroes are the ones behind the scenes — and that’s who Damage Control will follow.

Now, Damage Control isn’t a new idea. This crew had a few late-’80s appearances and limited serializations.

ABC has really proven that they know how to cash in on the small-screen snark of the Marvel Universe, something that seems wholly appropriate for this kind of thankless job. Plus, we’ll get to learn how cities recover from the smash-and-run hero encounters. Because man, those guys leave a lot of damage in their wake. From cars


To roads

To innocent libraries,

They don’t leave a lot unsmashed. I’m sure every time a superhero yells

There’s a cleanup crew somewhere, sighing heavily.

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