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Trump's Transition Team Is Actively Trying To Dismantle The Government

By Emily Cutler | Horror | December 14, 2016 |

By Emily Cutler | Horror | December 14, 2016 |

See if you can identify the theme.

Now Tillerson has already come under scrutiny from Democrats and Republicans for his ties to Russia, including business deals with Russia’s state owned oil company and his personal friendship with Vladimir Putin.
After the meeting, Fiorina spoke to the media and immediately focused on what matters most to working people: all the cool stuff Trump has in his office. …

A transition official says Fiorina is under consideration for Director of National Intelligence.

His own companies have been accused of violating the very same labor laws he will now be in charge of enforcing.
He’s also appointed an EPA chief who doesn’t accept the scientific consensus on climate change.

We’ve known for a while that Trump is a liar, and we’ve known that his supporters don’t give a shit about it. This article floats the idea that Trump’s supporters know he is lying about details, but believe he’s being honest about his overall intents. He’s bullshitting them about how great the wall will be, but he does intend to stop immigration. At this point, we as Trump’s opponents might want to start taking a similar view of the President Elect.

He’s telling us he wants to shut down the government. He says “I’m going to get all the best people. I’m going to do such a great job and they’re going to do such a great job you won’t believe it. It’s going to be so great.” What he means is “I’m going to put people into these positions who either actively oppose the intended purpose of the institution they’re running or who are so wildly unqualified that they destroy the institution with their incompetency. My intention is to gut government agencies until they are irrelevant.”

I mean, at least when Dummy Rick Perry wanted to just shut the government down, he told us about it directly. Kind of.

Trump is a liar, a bullshitter, and wildly dishonest. But he’s telling us exactly what he wants to do. We should listen.