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The 2013 Pajiba Ten: The 10 Most Bunkworthy Celebrities on the Planet

By The Pajiba Staff | Guides | July 22, 2012 |

By The Pajiba Staff | Guides | July 22, 2012 |


5. Benedict Cumberbatch — It’s tempting to not write any explanation as to why Benedict Cumberbatch is deserving of his spot on the Pajiba 10, other than to simply point to his charming video screened at San Diego Comic-Con. It encapsulates everything fans adore about him, from his wit to his graciousness to his talent to those cheekbones. His beauty isn’t typical by today’s standards; Cumberbatch, 37, looks as if he stepped out of a Renaissance painting, and he has played his fair share of unattractive roles, from the nerdy (Starter For 10) to the skeevy (Atonement). His forehead can sometimes appear too big, or maybe it’s his chin that appears too small. He shouldn’t be magnetic, and perhaps his talent (he is irresistible as Sherlock Holmes in the BBC’s “Sherlock”) has a hand in making him so desirable. Still, you can’t take your eyes off of him no matter the project, from the cold and slow-moving HBO miniseries “Parade’s End” to the summer action blockbuster Star Trek Into Darkness. Damn it if he didn’t steal every scene he graced in the latter, elevating the movie to a level the billed lead, Chris Pine, certainly couldn’t reach on his own. Cumberbatch has what can’t be taught: gravitas. If his six-foot-frame is before you, and those blue eyes are locked on you, you are powerless to look away. — Sarah Carlson





4. Gina Carano — Gina Carano could destroy you. If you do not believe me, Google any combination of “Gina Carano kick ass teeth punch” and do some background reading. She is stronger than you will ever be. What makes her ruin the curve for everybody, though, is that she’s also gorgeous. It’s like if Buffy the Vampire Slayer were an actual person, only she fought on basic cable and had the scars to back up her rep. In Haywire, Carano’s a ruthlessly efficient killer but a woman all the way; it is no accident that Steven Soderbergh — who built Haywire specifically for Carano — frames Carano killing a guy while also capturing the run in her hose. Maybe that’s what makes her so attractive: she feels like a real person, not some stick-figure cartoon. She could destroy you, but what a way to go. — Daniel Carlson





3. Jennifer Lawrence — Jennifer Lawrence can do anything. She is carrying one of the biggest, most successful Hollywood franchises all by herself, a rarity for a female. She won an Oscar for the best romantic comedy in years (Silver Linings Playbook). She was nominated for an Oscar for a terrific turn in a low-budget film (Winter’s Bone) that seven people saw in theaters. She can also do ensemble, as she’s demonstrating in the X-Men: First Class franchise. But while all of those things are great, what makes Jennifer Lawrence so goddamn refreshing is that, despite her place in the Hollywood ecosystem, she gives no f*cks. She will smoke pot on an open balcony, and no publicist will make an apology for her. She can be like an effervescent teenager let loose in an amusement park, she will appropriately lose her sh*t in front of Jack Nicholson, and she will go on at length about her “fat ass” with all the tact of a Kentucky girl who doesn’t give a damn what people think of her. Jennifer Lawrence is like the Eliza Doolittle of Hollywood, before Henry Higgins gets a hold of her, and I hope to God she never changes. She is the anti-Hathaway; the less she tries, the more we love her. — Dustin Rowles





2. Anna Kendrick. We have loved Anna Kendrick forever. Sure, this is her first appearance on the Pajiba 10 and four years ago she was little more than “some chick in Twilight” (or maybe “that bitch in Rocket Science”). Cinematically, she didn’t come into the Known until 2009’s Up in the Air, subsequently powering through the lovely 50/50 and then blowing the roof off with last year’s little, (originally) unheralded comedy about female college a cappella singers. But Kendrick’s not making her first Pajiba 10 appearance all the way up at the two-slot because she’s one of the current “it” actresses, an adorable woman with a recent string of great movies and strong performances (though this is all true). Rather, she’s on the list because she is exactly the type of girl we have always loved, even before we knew her. Living in LA, I am used to seeing celebrities everywhere, and I neither care nor actively look for them. Yet the two times a year I’m in Portland (Maine), any time I’m in public I scan every face I see, hoping to catch a glimpse of Kendrick. Not because she’s pretty (she is). And not because she’s cool (she’s painfully so). But it’s because she seems to be the walking exemplar of the perfect woman, grounded in a comfortable normalcy, shy yet affable, self-doubting in a way that is sometimes self-effacing and sometimes refreshingly honest, and wickedly funny with an acerbic wit that puts most of us to shame. (If you don’t follow her on Twitter, correct that mistake post-haste.) We have loved Anna Kendrick forever, and will continue to love her forever, because she’s the intoxicating ideal. — Seth Freilich

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1. Idris Elba — He’s a big man, of size with thugs all awkward with strength. But he’s viper smooth, flowing across rooms with that swaying cat strut, hips and that broad flare of shoulders swaying graceful as any dancer. A tension seems to reverberate off of him, even at rest, the coiled spring lounging of a predator. But then those hypnotic eyes latch on, and the depths stretch away behind them, locking you. An easy smile spreads wide, a throaty laugh. And then that voice trickles out, gravel around the edges and that island lilt to the vowels. You came for the strength in those limbs, the grace in those joints, but after the rage of motion dies, you stay for the words, washing over you low and gentle as a pond’s surf. — Steven Lloyd Wilson










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