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That Missandei and Grey Worm Scene on 'Game of Thrones' Was Kinda Sh*t

By Dustin Rowles | Game of Thrones | July 24, 2017 |

By Dustin Rowles | Game of Thrones | July 24, 2017 |

Full disclosure: I was not a big fan of the Missandei/Grey Worm scene last night. We have house guests — who are strangers to us — staying with us this week. They moved in yesterday, and watching that scene in Game of Thrones was not exactly the most comfortable moment I have ever experienced. Also, I found the long romantic speeches kind of a drag, and the whole sex scene with a castrated man sort of … well, I found it very George R.R. Martin: Sweet, but pointlessly titillating and largely uninteresting.

But, like much of Twitter, I was not incurious.

Also, I am happy for Grey Worm, who illustrated that a penis is not required to please a woman, which most people with or without a penis could have told you, but I don’t have it in me to think piece that plot point to death.

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Twitter had a good time, too, but Twitter was a little more graphic than I’d have liked. These are the tweets that made me the least uncomfortable, because much of what Twitter had to say last night put me in full-body cringe mode.

But, you know they don’t introduce that scene for no reason. It’s straight out of the Kurt Sutter playbook: Make us care about a character as much as humanly possible before killing him off.

Grey Worm is too good for this world, anyway.

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