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The Secrets of the Cast of 'Troop Beverly Hills', Revealed!

By Kate Hudson | Film | March 27, 2019 |

By Kate Hudson | Film | March 27, 2019 |


It’s hard to believe but one of the best movies ever made is 30. Yes, that’s right, Troop Beverly Hills, which is truly a hilarious and fun movie, recently reached the milestone (it was released March 24, 1989). And because the world is an unending symphony of nightmares, Entertainment Tonight decided to track down the cast. Sometimes living in the past is the only joy we have.

Shelley Long, who played (and this word is thrown around a lot but I mean in all sincerity here) the iconic Phyllis Nefler, like me, is very proud of the women the girls of Troop Beverly Hills have become. Here, I’ll let Shelley say it in her own words via

“May I say? I am so proud of these girls and this girl, too,” Long, 69, said, hugging Thomas who played her nemesis Velda Plendor in the film. “I am! You know I am. And that’s really why I did this [movie], because of the girls. They are so wonderful.”

See? Proud!!

I bet she’s as proud as when the girls performed Cookie Time outside Giorgio’s.

Cookie Time is the best—and yes, friends, Jasmin was actually singing! Per ET:

LONG: I think “Cookie Time” was pretty fabulous, when we were out on Rodeo Drive and singing. And that’s a really good song. [To Tasha Scott] Right, honey? Just give us a couple of bars.

AQUILINA SORIANO: And she wasn’t lip syncing!

SPELLING: Wait, so how many people come up to you and ask you to sing that though?

TASHA SCOTT: Everybody. Everybody. I get that and I get, “Excuse me, officer. Don’t you know who this man is?” [Laughs] It feels good, it does.

Long also shared how Troop Beverly Hills got one up on Ghostbusters 2, take that Venkman!

“The Ghostbusters II guys wanted to use ‘Kumbaya’ but we already had it.”


As iconic as Shelley is—she almost didn’t get the part. Revealing to Entertainment Tonight that Bette Midler was at one point supposed to play the role.

“[Bette] has red hair, and Ava Fries, whose story this is, she has red hair. So, I think maybe someone suggested that to her. It kind of makes sense, but she would have done it differently.”

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Tori Spelling, the daughter of famed TV producer Aaron Spelling, revealed this to ET:

“I had never hiked before, and I tried so hard to fit in.”

Carla Gugino revealed that she lied about her age to get the part, according to People:

It was the only role that I ever lied about my age to get!” she said with a laugh. “It was before IMDb existed, I was 16 and I said I was 14 to get the job. After I got the job and when we were deep into filming, I said to the director [Jeff Kanew] one day, ‘Just so you know, I am actually 16, but I told you I was 14 to get the job.’ He said, ‘Had I known you were 16, I wouldn’t have hired you!’ So my lying was sadly confirmed as the right choice in that moment.”

Finally, and this is probably the most exciting news: Betty Thomas who played the rival troop leader Velda Plendor, revealed that she would potentially direct the sequel (!!!!)

LONG: No, they’re talking about a new cast. We could have some cameos!

THOMAS: I would [direct]. I should, definitely. I actually know that there’s a person going in to pitch it with the idea that I would direct it and that she is going to do the rewrite on it. I’m not supposed to say any of this!

The full transcript is over at ET and well worth a read.


Beverly Hills, what a thrill!


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