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COVID19 Testing Frankfurt Getty

We're Getting a Coronavirus Movie Already?! Must We?!

By Kayleigh Donaldson | Film | June 29, 2020 |

By Kayleigh Donaldson | Film | June 29, 2020 |

COVID19 Testing Frankfurt Getty

While some bar-goers, tantrum-throwing Karens in Whole Foods, and the entire f**king Republican legislature may seem to believe that the COVID-19 pandemic is over, the virus itself has other plans. As of the writing of this piece, there has been 10.2 million confirmed cases of the coronavirus worldwide and over 502,000 deaths. The U.S.A. accounts for 2.59 million of those cases. Hell of a job there, Donny.

People are still dying, governments are still struggling — or not even bothering — to contain it, and the long-term ramifications of this pandemic have not yet revealed themselves to the world. So, of course, we need a movie of this. I mean, we really don’t. Apparently, the phrase ‘too soon’ means nothing in Hollywood, even as they remain in shutdown. I suppose lockdown has made some people bored enough to pitch this. That person is Charles Randolph, the screenwriter of the Oscar-winning drama The Big Short and the not-great Bombshell.

According to Vulture, Randolph’s Untitled Wuhan Project will cover the ‘dramatic weeks in China as the heroic medical community confronts a mysterious virus, soon to become a global pandemic.’ Randolph also plans to direct it. So yeah, a white dude making a movie out of China’s fight against a literal pandemic will probably be Oscar bait in about three years. Well done. Bang-up job, everyone.

Does this leave a bad taste in anyone else’s mouth? There’s something about the self-aggrandizing nature of anyone in Hollywood taking on this still-unfolding tragedy that has killed hundreds of thousands of people and trying to spin it as an inspirational drama with lessons to be learned. This fight is not over. It’s barely started and will continue for f**k knows how long thanks to the staggering ineptitude of many world leaders. How could you even think about doing a story like this NOW?

Besides, as we saw with the seriously tone-deaf Bombshell, Randolph’s skills only go so far in terms of diving into the subtleties and societal complexities of a true-life story of the very recent past. The dude wanted to make Megyn Kelly a hero for women. I shudder to think what Important White Guy will be the lead of this project.

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