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36 Reasons 'While You Were Sleeping' Is the Best Romantic Comedy of All Time

By Courtney Enlow | Film | November 28, 2017 |

By Courtney Enlow | Film | November 28, 2017 |

This post is about to be many things. A celebration of one of my favorite movies of all time. A thorough gif-ening of a tragically under-giffed movie. A spotlight cast on Peter Gallagher’s perfect comedic performance. But mostly, it’s a Bill Pullman thirst trap. So buckle the fuck in, my friends, because there is a lot of Bill Pullman quench coming your way.

But first, Joe Jr.


The most lovable letch in the world.


He’s resourceful.

i know a guy.gif

Very smooth.


Excellent at compliments.

hair is looking very big.gif

But he’s not going to let himself be taken for granted.

stood me up.gif

Of course Joe Jr. is just one of a full cast of MVPs in this movie. The entire Callahan family for one.


Including honorary family member Saul.

beef and nazis.gif

I mean, we all fell in love with them just like Sandra Bullock’s Lucy.


Because they were wonderfully embarrassing.

theyre caps.gif

And their dinner conversation is top notch.

mashed potatoes.gif

But the ultimate is Grandma Elsie.


If we’re talking dinner table chit-chat, no one’s better.


Her side-eye is lethal.

grandma elsie.gif

And she has little tolerance for going off-topic.

price of eggs.gif

But she’s mostly very positive.


Then there’s Peter Gallagher as Peter, one of the most underrated comedic performances ever. The character is just perfect, right down to his substantial collection of portraits of himself.

self photos.png
self photos 2.png
self photos 3.png

For a douchebag lawyer, he’s a precious angel of a dummy.


Always seeing the good side.


Moving onward and upward.


Even when he’s not sure what’s going on.


The movie itself is filled with insanely perfect physical comedy.

newspaper kid.gif

It’s all just too good.


Not to mention my favorite line in any movie ever, courtesy of Ally Walker’s Ashley Bartlett-Bacon.


And then there is, le sigh, Bill Pullman.

hot pullman.gif

1995 Bill Pullman with deliciously floppy hair? Euuughhhhyes please.


Very honestly this might be my dream Pullman proposal.


Though this one’s pretty good, too.


It cannot be denied the Callahan family produced some hot sons.



But above all else, our hero, Sandra Bullock.

i love you.gif

With her flawless shoe-selection hack (which I still do to this day when trying on shoes with outfits).

trying on shoes.gif

And sweaters so big you can hide Christmas presents inside of them.

sleeve present.gif

And her chemistry with Pullman? Guh.


We can’t fault anyone for wanting to marry her.

marry me.gif

Even though it didn’t quite work out.


But it had a very happy ending.


And that, my friends, is why While You Were Sleeping is a perfect film.

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