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This 'Suicide Squad' Fan Theory About Leto's Joker Is Just Crazy Enough to Work

By Cindy Davis | DC Movies | July 22, 2015 |

By Cindy Davis | DC Movies | July 22, 2015 |

I love a good fan theory, and this one is so damned great, I want it to be true. The short of what Redditor Jason-G169 posits is that Jared Leto’s much maligned version of the Joker is actually Jason Todd, aka Red Hood, aka Robin. The long of it is better explained by other folks, but I’ll give it a whirl, starting with Suicide Squad’s different looking Joker.

Jason-G169 points out that everyone hates all the tattoos, but hey, maybe he’s not just inked out because David Ayer thinks it’s cool — maybe those tattoos are clues?


Does the “J” on his face not stand for the all-too-obvious “Joker,” rather is it a reminder he’ll always be Jason?

Is the “Damaged” tattoo not a stupid mistake; was it given to Jason Todd by the original Joker as some sick reminder that he fucked up Jason, and left him damaged?

Those feathers on Leto’s right bicep, are they perhaps attached to a robin?

Is the skull with a jester’s cap a reference to Jason’s rebirth as the Joker? Is the smoke around it a nod to Todd’s death in a burning, bombed warehouse?

Does Leto’s Joker have a grill because original Joker smashed Todd’s teeth with a crowbar?

You’re starting to come over the the dark side, aren’t you?

This image from Batman v. Superman seems to indicate the Joker will appear in the film. But, does the fact that the message is sprayed onto Robin’s displayed suit speak to Todd’s secret identity?


And is this newspaper message about Batman letting the Joker kill Todd?


As Dorkly notes, the pieces all fit together well enough to make for a brilliant theory, and you should really read Jason-G169’s whole post. Then come back and cackle alongside me, because if it pans out, David Ayer and Jared Leto will have gotten the last glorious laugh.


Cindy Davis, (Twitter)