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You Will Never Be As Cool As Zoë Kravitz: 'Rolling Stone' Cover Story Edition

By Tori Preston | Celebrity | October 29, 2018 |

By Tori Preston | Celebrity | October 29, 2018 |

GettyImages-1048513864 (1).jpg

Hey? Have you heard? Zoë Kravitz is cool. Cooler than me, or you — cooler than all of us, combined, on ice. She’d be the textbook definition of “cool,” only she’s too cool to be defined like that. So forget your textbooks and crack open the latest issue of Rolling Stone instead — she’s on the cover, and inside she’s offering a masterclass on being a level of cool so unobtainable we may as well just give up now.

So how cool is she? Well, when she’s not talking about how Bill Cosby was always “kind of creepy” or how an unnamed director sexually harassed her on set when she was a teen, she mostly just shares details of her incredible life in a way that makes it all seem totally normal… LIKE COOL PEOPLE DO. For example…

She’s So Cool, Her Godmother Is Marisa Freakin’ Tomei:
Apparently, Tomei is one of Lisa Bonet’s best friends. Ageless birds of a feather really do flock together!

She’s So Cool, She Doesn’t Even Care About The Spotlight…
Though her dad helped her get an agent, becoming an actor wasn’t easy. She lost a lot of auditions, though she’s content not being the star.

Maybe it’s because she grew up near the spotlight, but Kravitz seems happy in the sweet spot of fame, successful but relatively anonymous. Though lately she’s landing more high-profile roles (e.g., Beasts, where she appears as the wizard Leta Lestrange), she has no burning ambitions to be an A-list star. “I’m still doing lots of supporting parts, and I’m in no rush,” she says. “I’m getting better, and I wasn’t ready to be working with the kind of people I’m working with now. So I’m happy with the pace of the ride.”

… But She’s Also Not Above Using Her Star Power To Play The NYC Real Estate Game:

Kravitz found this place three years ago while browsing real estate online. “It was totally out of my price range,” she says. “But I fell in love.” She put in an offer, and another buyer offered the same. But when she took a tour of the place, she noticed the owners’ daughter’s bedroom was covered with Divergent posters. “I was like, ‘Finally, this movie’s gonna do something for me!’ ” Kravitz recalls. “I never, ever do this, but I said, ‘Look, I see your kid likes this thing. I’m in these movies. Your kid can come to the premiere, I’ll have everyone sign books — whatever you want.’” She got the apartment.

I mean, we’d all have done the same thing, right?

She’s So Cool, Jason Momoa Followed Her Around:
So you know how her mom married Aquaman? I NEED TO KNOW MORE ABOUT THIS STORY!

Kravitz has a long, hilarious story about the first time she met Momoa — who calls her, adorably, Zozobear — in high school, when he tagged along to drink forties with her and her friends.

She’s So Cool, This Is Basically Her Engagement Announcement:

We stop at an ice cream shop, where she orders vegan mint-chocolate-chip in a cone. At which point I notice, for the first time, the huge diamond on her left ring finger. “Oh yeah, I’m engaged,” she says, so casually I assume she’s joking. “No, I’m engaged!” she repeats. “I haven’t told anyone yet — I mean, I haven’t told the world. I wanted to keep it private.”

Also, her boyfriend, actor Karl Glusman, proposed to her at their home while she was wearing sweatpants… AND SHE LOVES IT.

She’s So Cool, She’s Embarrassed By Lenny Kravitz:
She lived with her mom for most of her childhood (her parents split when she was two). But when she was 11, she moved across the country to try living with her father at his invitation. The thing is…

This was Peak Lenny, right after the time of “Fly Away” and the Austin Powers soundtrack. “He’d pick me up, and the entire school would flock to the parking lot,” Kravitz says. “And he wasn’t being subtle: He’d show up in a sports car and leather pants and a netted shirt. Like, ‘Dude, can you just be low-key a little bit?” she says with a laugh. “Just a shirt that I can’t see your nipples through would be so dope.”

She’s So Cool, She And Nicole Kidman Go Way Back:
Speaking of life with Lenny…

A little later, Lenny was secretly engaged to Nicole Kidman, and sometimes Kidman would take Zoë to the movies. “She was nice, she was cool,” says Kravitz, still sounding unsure what to make of the whole thing. “But yeah . . . that happened.” (Now, of course, Kidman is her co-star on Big Little Lies. “It was funny to be on set with her,” Kravitz says. “Like, ‘Remember when you were engaged to my dad?’ ”)

She’s So Cool, She’s The One Teaching Her Dad At This Point:
At the end of the profile, Zoë gets a call from her dad, who’s in a bit of a pickle.

It turns out Lenny is a guest on Jimmy Fallon tonight, and coincidentally, so is Reese Witherspoon. So Fallon asked Zoë to stop by too, to play a game of Lip Sync Charades — Fallon and Witherspoon vs. the Kravitzes. Improbably, Lenny has never played charades, so last night he came over and Zoë taught him how to play — two syllables, first word, sounds like, etc. But now he’s at the studio, and they’re using all different rules, and he’s kind of freaking out.

“He’s like, ‘I learned all these things, and now I can’t do them! What do I do?’ ” says Zoë. “Such a dad fear.”

But on the phone, she’s reassuring. “Don’t worry. We’ll figure it out in the dressing room.”

Lenny starts to protest. “It’s OK,” she says and smiles. “We’ll figure it out.”

And they did figure it out! Though, uh, they still lost:

But perhaps the biggest revelation of all is that…

She’s So Cool, Despite Attending Burning Man Six Years In A Row!

“I was a serious Burner, man!” she says. “It really opened me up — just meeting strangers, experiencing that creativity, letting your guard down.”

A pause. “And obviously the Ecstasy helped.”

Zoë, if you were anyone else that would be a damning admission. But dammit — I just can’t quit you.

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