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Kanye is Telling Black Voters to Leave the Democratic Party, Cool, Cool Cool Cool

By Mike Redmond | Politics | October 29, 2018 |

By Mike Redmond | Politics | October 29, 2018 |


In the past 72 hours, it’s been abundantly clear that when Donald Trump shakes up his base, violence and bigotry come pouring out. Directly on the heels of Cesar Sayoc and his MAGA-mobile getting snatched up by the FBI for mailing pipe bombs to the president’s critics, Robert Bowers walked into a Pittsburgh synagogue and opened fire during the middle of a bris because he fervently believed Jews are aiding the “migrant caravan” that our Dear Leader has been using to stir up racial fears going into the midterm elections. It was yet another example that Republicans are the racist baking soda, and Donald Trump is the piss and vinegar that makes the Hate Volcano spew.

So at this crucial time in our nation’s history, only an idiot would try to lure minorities away from the one party that isn’t a mayo gang-bang of Nazis, Klan members, and everyday racism that you’re not allowed to talk about because it upsets your grandmother.

From Page Six:

WASHINGTON - Kanye West has designed T-shirts encouraging black people to exit — or “Blexit” - the Democratic Party.

West’s designs debuted Saturday at Turning Point USA’s Young Black Leadership Summit, a meeting of young black conservatives in Washington. West didn’t attend the conference, but was there “in spirit,” according to TPUSA’s Communications Director Candace Owens.

“Blexit is a renaissance and I am blessed to say that this logo, these colors, were created by my dear friend and fellow superhero Kanye West,” said Owens, 29.

Oh goddammit.

And, of course, there’s a website where Blexit is described in vaguely pseudo-intellectual terms that immediately contradict themselves if you think about them for more than three seconds. Not to mention the tagline of “We Free,” which is… yeah.

BLEXIT is a frequency for those who have released themselves from the political orthodoxy. It is a rebellion led by Americans wishing to disrupt the simulation of fear.

Just so we’re clear, the ultimate goal of Blexit is to corral African-American voters into the arms of the Republican Party whose entire modus operandi is making sure Americans are clutching readily-available guns in pants-pissing fear of all things non-white and/or Christian. Case in point: Donald Trump is our president because white people lost every single piece of their shit over a black guy sitting in the Oval House.

BLEXIT is a renaissance. It is our formal declaration of independence.

By following the exact direction of Turning Point USA, a political organization that votes in lockstep with the Republican Party and has the distinction of being called out by other conservatives for boosting its numbers with “racists and Nazi-sympathizers.” Then again, voting your civil rights away is technically an independent act, but so is letting a wombat eat my face.

BLEXIT is fueled by individuals who are questioning political dogma and choosing freedom over tyranny.

And by “questioning political dogma” the conservative action group responsible for Blexit means ignoring political realities like the fact that the Republican Party is fueled by individuals who lit their Nikes on fire over Colin Kaepernick because the black people getting shot by the cops clearly had it coming. (For being black.) I’m pretty sure letting the police murder anyone they don’t like is the exact definition of tyranny, but do I have a dope T-shirt designed by a moron celebrity? No, I do not. So I guess I lose.

And, finally, there’s this bullshit because of course:

Screen Shot 2018-10-29 at 3.29.29 PM.png

Unlike Kanye, I genuinely believe that African-American voters are smart enough not to fall for this bullshit. In fact, black women were smart enough to see through Trump unlike their white counterparts who will tell you to your face that Jesus personally oversaw the 2016 election and said, “Pussy-grabber, I choose you!” That being said, we live in a garbage dick timeline that shows zero signs of slowing down, so I won’t be surprised if the Kanye Effect becomes a thing on November 6 as I try to turn my liver into pure whiskey. Should be neat.

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Mike is a Staff Contributor living in Pennsyltucky. You can follow him on Twitter.

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