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Why We Hate: Lea Michele

By Courtney Enlow | Celebrity | January 20, 2011 |

By Courtney Enlow | Celebrity | January 20, 2011 |

For every person, there is a different person that first person irrationally hates. For some, this “hate” can best be described as mild annoyance, tinged with jealousy or lack of understanding. For others, the hate does not warrant quotes around it, because it is real. It is completely without true reason or proper explanation, but it’s there. Many people still have it for Angelina Jolie, some have it for Lady Gaga, and I have it for about half of Hollywood, hence why I have devoted an entire job’s worth of words about them.

That is why I am starting a new sub-feature of CABTY to explore that irrational hate, and today, it is directed at Lea Michele. Because I know I’m not alone.

My irrational hatred for Ms. Michele is particularly odd because of the thing that most likely separates me from her other hataz: I don’t watch Glee. When Glee started, everyone I knew from my high school glee club and musical theater days freaked the fuck out about it. As is typical of me, I’m often too lazy to watch a new TV show until I’m finally forced by copious Emmy wins or the thinly veiled threats of friends, or until the backlash pours in, then I feel pretty ahead of the curve.

With Glee, it was somewhere in between. Mid-season one, when they released the first half on DVD, I Netflix’d it and found myself in a state of confused resignation about it. I understood why it was popular, but not that popular. I liked it, but as the season went on and into season two, I saw the same trajectory of Ryan Murphy’s other show, Nip/Tuck, meaning “let’s have a show that’s a bit over the top, but good enough that it works, and then completely drop the whole ‘good enough it works’ part and turn the OTT up to eleven.”

Lea Michele is really annoying on the show. And I realize that’s acting and that’s kind of her job, but as part of this irrational hatred towards someone I don’t know, believing her to be just like her character is perfectly fine. Especially since news of her twuntery does not seem to be greatly exaggerated.

For those of you who do not pour over gossip blogs on a weekly basis, let me tell you about Lea Michele’s rumored personality: she acts exactly like a bitchy theater person.

If any of you were ever in theater, that’s really all I have to say. You get me.

For the rest, basically, she’s an asshole. The kind desperate to have attention poured on her, accolades thrown like roses and to not have to get that by being kind. It started when she was an annoying idiot to a photographer because he had the unmitigated gall to not know her name.

Ever since then, it’s been tale after tale of “Lea Michele’s a big bitch, Lea Michele is trying so hard to be famous, she makes that blonde chick from new 90210 look subtle, Lea Michele makes little girls cry.”

Sure, most people only get into this industry to be famous but look at her face. Every single picture. She will gnaw the fame out of your neck if you try to hide it from her. And there’ve been more than a few reports about how much she hates her co-stars getting HER attention.

Sunday night, Chris Colfer won a Golden Globe. Deservedly. He’s the best part of the show not named Sue Sylvester. Please watch the normal responses of the cast. Then watch Lea Michele.

Other than the general assholery, I have a number of tiny reasons for my loathing (unadulterated loathing; so pure, so strong):

- She’s a PETA member, which means she is a part of that special club of people who care about animals, but not enough to look into an organization that actually helps them.
- There’s two types of people with the unmatched ability to be insanely irritating: vegans and theater people. She is both.
- She tweets stuff lilke this: “Woke up today and it was snowing!!!! So beautiful!!! Spending the day on the couch watching movies, hiding out from the snow!!! :)”

I love true bitches. I’m continuously fascinated by old Hollywood stories of Bette Davis and Joan Crawford, and Julia Roberts is a massive cunt of epic proportions and I love it (I still won’t see her movies, but the love is there). But Hollywood Bitchiness is earned. You do not just receive it like a participation badge and wear it like people care.

What I’m saying is this: Lea Michele has in no way personally offended me. She’s frankly no different than 90% of all famous people. She is a truly gifted singer, and it’s nice to see a “different” looking girl get famous, proving once again that we are all beautiful as long as we are skinny. Also, one could correctly argue that she is in no way famous or important enough to warrant this kind of vitriol. But that’s the thing about irrational hatred. Once it’s there, it is a plague. A pox upon my column. I hate her. And I am comfortable with this.

Let’s talk about you. I know you hate people, too. Don’t be the cool internet person who suddenly doesn’t care. You hate SOMEONE. Tell it. That’s why god invented comments.

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