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What Stars of "The Bachelor" Eat (Because Yes, They Eat) Will Surprise You

By Kylie Cheung | Celebrity | January 17, 2017 |

By Kylie Cheung | Celebrity | January 17, 2017 |

With The Bachelor, aka the most highkey, drama-filled reality series of the English-speaking world back in full swing and the lovely contestants on Nick Viall’s Season 21 already appearing poised to scratch each other’s eyes out, one question hangs thick in the air: what. are. they. eating?

Delish recently sought to answer this question, interviewing past contestants such as Lauren Bushnell and Olivia Caridi from season 20, and Ashley Iaconetti from season 19 for the juicy details. Basically, here’s how it went down.

Day-to-day food wish lists
Contestants regularly wrote lists of food items they wanted and/or needed for dietary reasons, as well as cosmetics and other everyday products, for producers to buy and bring them. But other than that, the fridge and pantry were always well-stocked, the contestants noted.

And the most popular food items were…
It really depends and what stage of the competition the ladies were in. According to Bushnell, everyone aimed to eat as healthy as possible, so vegetables (i.e. literal heads of cabbage) in the fridge drained pretty quickly, but by the time the show as in full swing and everyone was stressed AF, Oreo’s, junk food in general, and, you guessed it, alcohol were in constant need of restocking. “We went through a lot of Oreos and peanut butter,” Caridi told Delish, noting that her fellow contestants were “emotional eating all the time,” which… makes sense.

Legend, confirmed by some contestants, has always been that producers encouraged contestants to drink as much as possible so they’d act as crazy as possible, but with stress, nerves, and tension in general as high as things get to be within a couple weeks, I highly doubt much encouragement is needed.

As for those picturesque candlelight dinners…
Contestants, male or female, and even the Bachelor/Bachelorette were discouraged from eating the gorge plates laid out before them since eating on camera generally isn’t the most flattering image according to producers, and speakers will also capture your every bite. So, so much for that. But at the very least, rose ceremonies were always deliciously catered. “After the rose ceremony, we basically shove food in our faces because it’s like, ‘OK, you made it through another week, celebratory meal,’” Iaconetti told Delish.

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