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We Really Do Need To Talk About That Photo Of Oscar Isaac In His '90s Ska Band

By Petr Navovy | Celebrity | December 22, 2020 |

By Petr Navovy | Celebrity | December 22, 2020 |


Oscar Isaac is one of my favourite contemporary actors. He was the best part (alongside Jessica Chastain) of the slightly uneven A Most Violent Year. He was even better in Ex Machina. And he was fantastic in the Coen Brothers’ near perfect Inside Llewyn Davis. The other day Kristy asked a question in the Pajiba Slack channel: Those of us who didn’t think Leo was a good Gatsby, who would we like to see in the role instead? I instantly thought of Oscar Isaac.

Isaac is charismatic, has admirable range, and he was in Drive—a great goddamn film. The man really has everything going for him.

I’ve been trying to think of a segue to this next bit for twenty minutes.

And I’m sorry but it’s just impossible, so we might as well just go for it.

Oscar Isaac was also in a nineties ska band and the photo from it is the best thing to happen in this wretched year!

Look at that!

Gaze upon its majesty, and be blessed!

Okay, so. Naturally, this requires some annotation.

Firstly, obviously, this won’t be news to everyone. This is the internet after all, and nuggets of raw uncut perfection like that don’t just manifest out of the ether. We are rarely so privileged so as to witness the first appearance of such greatness. Indeed a cursory Google search shows that Oska Isaac (I’m sorry) has made the rounds before.

But I don’t give a f**k because this is my first time dammit and I’m gonna enjoy this roller coaster!

It should be said that I am in no way ridiculing Isaac. Sh*t, I was in a band once, and I looked as ridiculous as it gets. So I’m coming from a good place, from a comradely place.

That out of the way, let’s look at this thing again. Don’t forget to put your safety glasses on, because, like an eclipse, this much natural splendour can harm your eyes if you’re not careful.

God, it’s just glorious. I love the fact that it’s not just the nineties, it’s specifically the late nineties. According to Wikipedia, Isaac left the band—The Blinking Underdogs (not the best name, not the worst)—in 2001 after being accepted into Juilliard (coincidentally, the exact same reason I left my band too). And you can tell it’s not The Nineties. Instead, it’s that weird liminal period that always occurs between decades. In the nineties/noughties, that period was incredible, especially when it came to fashion and aesthetics. We all went completely nuts. Isaac’s amazing band photo might not be as ridiculous as some of the outfits seen around that time, but it still dates it with clinical precision.

The t-shirts. The shirt. The sweatband. The necklace. The bandana. And this guy!


F**k yeah. It’s the turn of the Millennium, baby. Capitalism has vanquished all that stood before it. Francis Fukuyama is the don. Culture is at its absolute peak, and I am ready to party!


My keys are safe.

That’s important.

No matter how hard I party—and it is gonna be epic—


—I’ll be able to get home, whenever it is I decide to rock on back to the house.

I can’t get enough of this image, man. Aside from the magnificent nineties/noughties energy radiating with face-punching power from the picture, I love the dudes. All the dudes are there. The boys. The lads. Look at them go!

Here’s the thing though: The band synergy is all off. You can’t have Oska (again, so sorry) and his boy doing the cool tough guy thing—


—while the rest of the lads do a happy, genial thing!


It’s just not on, lads.

You need to work on that.

Nevertheless, I’ll allow it.

Because the picture overall is still the best thing to happen all year.

Thank you.

And as a bonus!

Here’s footage of Oscar performing live. Have a good day.