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This Week In 'Seriously, F*ck That Guy': Ron Jeremy, Al Franken, And The Usual Sex Pests

By Kristy Puchko | Celebrity | November 17, 2017 |

By Kristy Puchko | Celebrity | November 17, 2017 |

We’re ready for women to inherit the earth.

“Elder statesman of porn” Ron Jeremy has been accused of sexual assault or rape by more than a dozen women. Yes, consent still matters when you’re working in porn. (Rolling Stone)

Sylvester Stallone has been accused of forcing a 16-year-old into a threesome. (Vulture)

Following Aurélie Wynn and Kristina Cohen, Rachel Eck is the third woman to accuse Gossip Girl’s Ed Westwick of sexual assault. (Buzzfeed)

The Old Vic’s internal investigation unearths 20 more allegations against Kevin Spacey for sexual misconduct. The actor was an artistic director at the London theater from 2004 to 2015. (CNN)

Natasha Henstridge shared the details of her sexual assault at the hands of Brett Ratner, who has been accused by multiple women. (Today)

Ratner’s been forced to step down from the board of the human rights organization the Simon Wiesenthal Center. (Variety)

Here’s how and why Harvey Weinstein might finally face jail time. (THR)

15 years back, New Republic editor Leon Wieseltier forced a kiss on co-worker, Sarah Wildman. She reported him, and writes in a disturbing piece, “Over one wrenching week I learned why women, typically, don’t divulge such stories.” (Vox)

One Tree Hill showrunner Mark Schwahn has been accused sexual harassment, first by writer Audrey Wauchope. Then, cast and crew members including Sophia Bush, Hilarie Burton, and Bethany Joy Lenz put out a joint statement in support of her allegations. (Variety)

Schwahn was working on The Royals, where star Alexandra Park backed the One Tree Hill crew, saying she too had been a victim to his “reprehensible behavior.” Schwahn has been suspended from The Royals. (CNN)

Producer Andrew Kreisberg has been suspended from working on Arrow and Supergirl, because of sexual harassment allegations against him. (Variety)

The women of DC comics are speaking out about sexism and sexual misconduct in their industry. (Buzzfeed)

Following its own scandal over sexual misconduct, Cinefamily is shutting down. (LA Times)

Bryan Singer and Gary Goddard, who Anthony Edwards accused of molestation, are facing a lawsuit in England, because an unnamed man claims the pair sexually assaulted him when he was a teen. (THR)

Charlyne Yi has shared a story about how a childrens’ book publisher used her interest in making a kids book as a means of trying to seduce her. When she called him on it, he tried to gaslight her. (Thread on Twitter)


John Grisham went to bat for men who “accidentally” look at child porn. (Pajiba)

After being accused of sexual misconduct by five women, Louis C.K. saw his future and fortune crumble. (Pajiba)

C.K.’s manager, Dave Becky, who was accused of silencing the comedian’s victims, has apologized and claimed a certain level of ignorance to the full facts of their allegations. (Pajiba)

Here’s how the comedy scene responded to one of its luminaries being outed as a serial creep. (Pajiba)

The Ranch star Danny Masterson has been accused of rape by four women. Netflix hasn’t responded. (Pajiba)

George Takei has been accused of sexual misconduct. (Pajiba)

Transparent star Jeffrey Tambor has been accused of sexual misconduct by two women, including co-star Trace Lysette. (Pajiba)

Here’s the full statement from Lysette:

Al Franken was accused of committing sexual misconduct during a USO show in 2006. (Pajiba)

Ben Affleck seems to have made a rape joke and simultaneously pissed off all his Justice League co-stars. (Pajiba)

Bryan Cranston thinks serial predators Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey might deserve a second chance. (Pajiba)

Despite being accused of domestic abuse, Johnny Depp is doing fine. (Pajiba)

Despite a recording of Mel Gibson telling his ex she is “like a fucking pig in heat, and if you get raped by a pack of n******, it will be your fault,” Daddy’s Home 2 did well at the box office last weekend. (Pajiba)

Some things not awful:

Terry Crews is speaking out about the sexual assault he faced at the hands of Adam Sandler’s agent Adam Venit. (Pajiba)

Sweden will soon require companies seeking film subsidies to undergo sexual conduct education. (THR)

Isobel O’Hare makes “erasure poetry” out of celebrity apologies. Witness her. (Refinery 29)

And at least it’s Friday, right?

Kristy Puchko is the film editor of Pajiba. You can follow her on Twitter.