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The Rock Never Said That, Ok?

By Kate Hudson | Celebrity | January 12, 2019 |

By Kate Hudson | Celebrity | January 12, 2019 |


I love The Rock. My love is fairly well documented on here. I can’t explain it, but in my book, he’s just a good egg.

This is a love that has spanned decades, and I even followed him to the gates of hell aka I watched Southland Tales, and that was a terrible movie, ok?

So when the news made the rounds that he thought the “snowflake” generation was causing society to regress, it really confused me. It just didn’t sound like something he would say. This is a man who will post a video of him singing his daughter to sleep, who eats 30,000 pieces of sushi as a cheat meal (I may have exaggerated that number), and revels in the fact that he was a Disney character because it means he gets to make a kid’s day when they meet him. He doesn’t sling mud at people, he’s too busy being amazing.

Also, he’s doing a spin off Fast and Furious movie with Jason Statham, whom I also love, and I really need him to not be a garbage person so that I can fully enjoy (and talk about said enjoyment ad nauseam) the movie, because you know it’s going to be a delicious mess of hotness and car chases.

So it is with great relief that I tell you that The Rock never said that, ok?

I’ll let my boo, Dwayne, explain:

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Settin’ the record straight. The interview never happened. Never said those words. 100% false. If I ever had an issue with someone, a group, community or a generation — I’d seek them out, create dialogue and do my best to understand them. Criticizing ain’t my style. I don’t cast stones and we all get to be who we are. #millies #plurals #boomers #TequilaGeneration 🤙🏾🥃

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There you have it. The Rock would never insult a “group, a generation, or anyone.” Which come on, we all knew that in our hearts that anyway. It’s kind of baffling why a tabloid would pick The Rock, of all people, to fabricate an interview with just to bash someone. Maybe because it seemed so out of character? I don’t know. All I know is that it is still safe to unequivocally thirst after that man, and that makes me very happy.

Does it suck that this happened? Yes.

Does it blow that so many of us were duped by it and helped spread it? Totally.

Am I too hungover to explain how it is an Illuminati conspiracy? You better believe it, friends.

Kate is a staff contributor. You can follow her on Twitter.

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