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The 15 Best Answers Malin Akerman Gave During Her Reddit AMA

By Dustin Rowles | Celebrity | March 19, 2014 |

By Dustin Rowles | Celebrity | March 19, 2014 |

I adore ABC’s Trophy Wife, and this post is basically a ploy to get you all to watch one of the best low-rated sitcoms on television (along with Enlisted). It is terrific, but I doubt a headline proclaiming that last night’s episode of the Trophy Wife was the cutest episode of television this year would fetch nearly as many eyes as the tantalizing photo above and the prospect of Akerman discussing her trip to a dungeon with Nic Cage.

That is to say, enjoy Akerman’s Reddit answers — and fondly recall her roles in Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle, The Watchmen, Children’s Hospital, and Rock of Ages — but what you really should be doing is tracking down the last two episodes of Trophy Wife and becoming a much-needed convert before it’s too late to save yet another network sitcom gem.

1. Malin, have you ever turned down a role that you later regretted? If so, what was the role?

Yes. Not that I was offered this role, but had the chance to read The Hangover and decided to pass on the opportunity to go in for an audition. I preferred the male roles in the movie…something like Bridesmaids would have been awesome.

2. Please tell us something crazy about working with Nicolas Cage!

He is the King of New Orleans and took me to his favorite bar there called The Dungeon!! Nothing but metal music and goth creatures. It was amazing.


3. Heartbreak Kid style Fuck/Marry/Kill. Choices are Ben Stiller, Jerry Stiller and Danny McBride. GO!

Fuck-Jerry Stiller Marry-Danny McBride Kill-Ben Stiller cause he left me on our HONEYMOON!!


4. Were you familiar with Watchmen before you got the part in the movie? If so, how do you think the film’s portrayal of your character matched Silk Spectre II from the book?

I was not familiar with it…but I think Zack did a great job in bringing her to life. Silk Spectre was quite one dimensional in the novel and Zack gave her a bit more depth.

5. I’m a big fan of Children’s Hospital and like to think that the reason it’s so great is that the actors themselves are responsible for the personality and development of their characters. Is this true for you and the other actors? If so, do you keep a clown bitch in your day to day life?

Hell yeah I do…I’ve got my blow up clown bitch in my closet! I take him out from day to day just to slap him around a little…or I just call Rob Corddry. On another note, yeah, we have a lot of liberty and collaboration when it comes to creating our characters…although the writers get most of the credit for writing the most amazing scripts.

6. Malin, what does Ben Stiller smell like?

A mix of Pine Cones and new car smell…that’s if he hasn’t had any mexican food.

7. Hi Malin. If you woke up tomorrow and discovered you were Matthew McConaughey, what’s the first thing you would do?

Take my shirt off!

8. If you could have any animal (including mythological animals etc) as a pet what would it be?

a kitten sized Falcor…if you don’t know who Falcor is then you haven’t lived! Watch Neverending Story.

9. What is your most hilarious story from harold and kumar? Did you eat any white castle on the set? (I had no idea that was Akerman — DR)

I had to lick Freakshow’s (Chris Meloni) boils on our first day of shooting. Good way to ease into a role ;) and we shot in Canada, where they don’t have white castle! Can you believe it?!


10. I’m a big fan of Bradley Whitford. Is he as funny away from the camera as he is on screen?

I’m officially Bradley’s biggest fan after working with him. He is the biggest ham! So friggin funny. The best part is that when he is interviewed so many people mistakenly call him Bradley Cooper and he never corrects them…he just rolls with it.

11. While filming Wanderlust, during the scenes where Paul Rudd is awkwardly stammering out his “sexy” talk, were you getting a stronger urge to laugh or to slap him?

I was getting the urge to make out with him!! It was waaaaay sexy! Doesn’t awkward stammering turn you on?!

12. If you had to say who your favorite person you’d ever met was, would it be Natalie Morales? and if so, what are your favorite things about her?

It would be Natalie Morales! because she aint afraid to let that armpit hair grow long and wild. I love a brave woman!

13. What is something most people do not know about you?

I love popping blackheads!

14. I really enjoyed your part in Rock of Ages as Constance. I thought you were a perfect choice for her. What was it like working with Tom Cruise?

Thanks. It was friggin amazing working with TC. I mean, he was Maverick from Top Gun and I got to stick my tongue in his ear!!!


15. Loved you in Entourage. How was it working with the cast, and how beautiful is Emmanuelle Chriqui in real life?

Emmanuelle Chriqui is not human she is so beautiful!! On the inside and out! and I got to kiss her!!! Yes!!

Source: Reddit

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